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What Should You Do if an Employee is Injured on the Job

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If you are at work, you probably realize that you are safe from most dangers and hazards. Yes, while in the past, people would have to worry about this; it’s now almost a thing of the past. However, this doesn’t mean you are safe at work as there are still dozens of hazards we all face. With this in mind, here are four things an employee should do if injured on the job. (more…)

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What LinkedIn Says about College Recruiting in 2014

As graduates head off into the real world, they will have decisions to make concerning their career paths.  So for grads and employers who are interested, the following post reveals what LinkedIn says about college recruiting in 2014.

Another graduating class has walked across the stage, diplomas now in hand. Next step: the workforce. But what are these recent grads thinking? What about a career opportunity appeals to them most (and least)? What companies to they most want to work for? And where do they go to find work?

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Preparing to Interview for Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Do Your Research

When preparing to interview for jobs for recent college graduates, make sure you do your research.  The following post can help you plan how to do so.

My perspective was completely wrong. I had been focusing all of my energy into my look, maximizing my interview personality skills and optimizing my resume… In short, I failed to make the interview about me, instead of them! To make that monumental change in my approach, I learned extensive research was required… a process around understanding both the company

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Learn How to Make More Money on Your Entry Level Job as a Freelancer

If you have an entry level job as a freelancer that doesn’t pay a lot of money, check out the following post for tips to help boost your income.

Are you struggling to make it as a freelancer? Even though you’re always busy, you’re always broke. What gives? The reason you don’t make enough money is because you spend too much time working for too little cash. I’ve been there, and I know plenty of other freelancers who have been there,


The Secret to Making More Cash as a Freelancer

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Are you helping your students to plan ahead? Incoming freshmen are highly receptive to career-planning assistance

CollegeRecruiter.comCollege and universities should not assume that incoming freshmen don’t need help with career planning.  While they may not reach out for assistance, they are open to it, according to the following post.

Released this spring, the new 2012 report The Attitudes and Needs of Freshmen at Mid-Year from Noel-Levitz measures, among other things, the receptivity of incoming freshman students to various types of career-planning assistance. The report contains data from the Mid-Year Student Assessment, which assesses students halfway through the freshman year.

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Are you helping your students to plan ahead? Incoming freshmen are highly receptive to career-planning assistance

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Baby boomer retirements under way, vacancies go unfilled

CollegeRecruiter.comIt seems that more government workers are retiring, which is leaving a void in this workforce.  Find out what problems now exist in the following post.

The long awaited mass of retirements is finally hitting the federal government sector, but it comes at a time when attrition is high, budgets are tight and salaries are frozen, causing a number of workforce issues for agencies, Federal Times reports.

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Baby boomer retirements under way, vacancies go unfilled