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Posted August 28, 2012 by

Maximizing Selection for Culture Fit: Part I

Marisa Seeds

Dr. Marisa Seeds, Senior Consultant at Shaker Consulting Group

Interest continues to grow around the use of hiring assessment tools that measure culture fit. Companies want to evaluate the match between a candidate’s needs and what an organization has to offer in terms of its culture. While most pre-employment assessments are focused on predicting job performance, research continues to show that culture fit is another important piece of the puzzle. In addition to having an impact on job performance, culture fit can be even more critical for increased engagement and higher retention.

So, how can we predict a candidate’s culture fit early in the hiring process? (more…)

Posted August 15, 2012 by

How Employers can Improve the Candidate Experience: Part 3

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Nels Wroe of SHL and I had a chance to catch up and talk at the SIOP Conference in Atlanta earlier this year.  Nels offered some thoughtful considerations for companies to think about when creating the candidate experience.  He suggests we adapt our world to theirs, consider the life-cycle of the candidate and remember that your candidates may be your customers, or even your clients.  Click PLAY to hear what he has to say, but remember to scroll down for more of this article. (more…)

Posted August 09, 2012 by

Realistic job preview – unrealistic expectations?


Editor’s note: We pulled out this article from the archives because we thought it was still a relevant message that recruiters should carry forward. The fire hose of applicants is still very real, although now we talk a lot more about the candidate experience. The challenge of retaining new hires also relates here–it all ties into giving candidates a realistic job preview. Employers will find author Joe Murphy’s comments good food for thought. 

Conversations about Realistic Job Preview (RJP) are on the rise.  In the past six months I have had an unusually high number of discussions with corporate talent leaders about methods to help the candidate make a more informed decision.  Why the increased interest?  Talent teams want to address a problem that won’t actually be solved by giving a realistic job preview – to stop unqualified candidates from applying, to stop the flood of resume  spam, to reduce the flow of applicants.  Realistic Job Preview, while an important tool in the recruiting process, will not reverse the deluge of applicants the sourcing engines have created.  (more…)

Posted August 06, 2012 by

How Employers can Improve the Candidate Experience: Part 2

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Linda Considine of Taleo spoke with me about the candidate experience at Taleo World in Chicago.  As the head of Global Alliances, she spends a good deal of time thinking about and speaking with others about how the recruiting experience impacts candidate reactions and perceptions.  When I asked her what we can do to improve the candidate experience, she had a few concise suggestions.  Click Play to hear what she has to say. Then scroll down to read more. (more…)

Posted July 30, 2012 by

How Recruiters and Hiring Managers can Help Candidates Make an Informed Career Decision

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Candidates are decision makers too. Patty Van Leer of NAS Recruitment Communications understands that.  I had a chance to speak with Patty at Taleo World.  I asked her what we can do to help candidates make a more informed career decision.  She offers three clear suggestions on what can be done to the candidate experience.  Click PLAY below and hear what she has to say.  Then scroll down to read more. (more…)

Posted July 16, 2012 by

Are You Measuring Your Candidate Experience?

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

I have been writing about the candidate experience.  As such, I thought it might be good to go back to the first look we took at how companies evaluate or think about the candidate experience.

We conducted a survey of attendees at the Taleo World 2008 User Conference in Boston, MA. The purpose of the survey was to assess the degree to which organizations are evaluating the candidate experience and measuring the economic impact of staffing process waste or early turnover. Given the expanding focus on the Candidate Experience, it seemed fitting to share the results again.

As a sponsor and exhibitor of the conference, we asked recruiting professionals who visited our booth to complete a five-question survey. Three multiple-choice questions explored candidate experience issues and two questions examined 120-day turnover. (more…)

Posted July 13, 2012 by

Why Employers Should Consider a Music Video for their Realistic Job Preview

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Amerigroup, a leading provider of Medicaid insurance wanted to extend a compelling invitation to become part of the real solutions they provide.  They had already developed a collection of videos that demonstrate the nature of their work and profiled the clients they serve.  Commissioning The Verve Pipe to write, record, and film a song that pulls together the Amerigroup service brand created a realistic job preview with an emotional appeal that is palpable.  The best part is that this message works just as well for current associates as it does of candidates.  So Rise Up and click Play to step into a very unique candidate experience. (more…)