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Posted September 17, 2014 by

3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Professional

The word seo and serious businessman with hands on hips in black and blue background

The word seo and serious businessman with hands on hips in black and blue background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Internet has opened huge doors for people from every race, color, religion and region of the world. With the Internet it is now easy for people to trade in virtually anything. Someone in New York can now for example effortlessly hire a coder in India or Africa from their bedrooms and have an app that will be the next WhatsApp. Well, that is how WhatsApp, the $6B app came to being. An idea, a freelance coder, a few years down the line and bam! We have giants like Facebook and Google elbowing each other to snap WhatsApp for astronomical figures!

This openness and ease of access has had its own fair share of challenges too. There are many people online calling themselves ‘gurus’ who don’t understand what they are talking about. Well, what with the fact that you can sit behind a computer and pretend to be whom you are not. (more…)

Posted August 12, 2013 by

Interviewing by Phone for an Entry Level Job? 12 Tips for Success

If you happen to be preparing for a phone interview in the hopes of landing an entry level job, the following post has tips that can help you make a lasting impression with a potential employer.

Featured: Featured Here at, we’re in the midst of fall internship interviews. I want to share a few pointers on how to rock your phone interviews for Fall 2013 and beyond. Good luck! 1. Don’t be too casual. Make sure you stay professional and formal on the phone. 2. The “ranking” of the person

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Ranking Yourself: Be Confident yet Self-Aware

Nathan Stuller

Nathan Stuller of Midwest Developer Insights

A common interview tactic is to ask you, the candidate, to rank yourself on acquired technical skills, attributes, and aptitude. The interviewer may run through a list of them, asking you to simply “rank yourself from 1 to 10 on:”
• Leadership ability
• Getting along with coworkers
• How hard-working you are

Or, they may be interested in more specific technical skills such as:
• Differential Equations
• Electricity & Magnetism
• Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

You are right to suspect that the answer is not as easy as it might seem, especially for someone with limited professional experience. (more…)