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Posted August 13, 2014 by

Are You Trying to Find an Internship for the Fall? 10 New Opportunities to Consider

If you want to find an internship this fall, check out these 10 new opportunities in the following post.

Featured: Featured Your resume is revamped, your interview outfit is ready to go — now it’s time to apply for and land that Fall 2014 internship! We have TONS of new opportunities going up every day — from huge entertainment companies and magazines, to boutique PR firms. Check out the top opportunities that are looking for candidates like you, NOW

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Posted January 27, 2014 by

Job Seekers, Believe You Should Be Hired for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Tips to Convince Employers

Job seekers who want to be hired for recent college graduate jobs need to show employers why.  Learn how to convince them in the following post.

As a contributor to some of the biggest magazines on the newsstand and online, I wrote a guide to do-it-yourself publicity designed to pitch story ideas and strengthen relationships with Editors. It happens that these tips translate quite well to job searching. Keep these five simple tips in mind when pitching your “why

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Posted October 15, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Don’t Like Your Recent College Graduate Jobs? How to Make a Career Change

What happens to young professionals when they realize they are unhappy with their recent college graduate jobs?  They can either deal with them, or make a career change.  The following post offers advice on finding a new career path.

You loved every second of college. From day one, you knew exactly what career to pursue… what you were meant to do. You could see yourself being fulfilled by a job in this field for many years to come. Then reality hits. You aren’t happy. Or there aren’t enough jobs to

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Posted April 10, 2013 by

Relocating for Work? Here’s What You Need to Know

While it might be exciting to move to another city because of a new job, there are certain factors to carefully consider.  The following post tells you what to look out for.

When you land a position in a new city, state or even country, there are two things you must immediately do: 1. Have a beer (or two or three) with friends to celebrate. 2. Start planning the move. On second thought, maybe stick to just one beer, because there’s a lot to think

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Relocating for Work? Here’s What You Need to Know