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Posted July 29, 2015 by

5 Life-Saving Tips for New College Students

student closing her ears and screaming at school

Student closing her ears and screaming at school. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

With advice coming from teachers, parents, counselors, and friends, it can be impossible to make sense of all the new information for college freshmen. Many new students are often overwhelmed and find that their first semester was not indicative of their past scholarly ventures. In order to hit the ground running you will need to prepare appropriately. Here are five simple ways to thrive in college: (more…)

Posted October 15, 2014 by

Starting Your Career After College Is Over – Psychological Hurdles To Pass

Boris Dzhingarov

Boris Dzhingarov

Most people think that it is really easy to start your career as soon as college is over. That is not actually the case. In fact, if you are only used to college and then you start with your entry level job, you may be faced with so many problems that would lead towards failures or making everything a lot harder than it should be. While you can easily improve your job search, improve your CV and basically learn everything about the job hunting process or the career path you want to take, the psychological preparation is not being discussed.

You can have all the knowledge that you need and still encounter huge problems while climbing the career ladder. In so many situations you can end up failing because you are simply not prepared from a psychological point of view. (more…)

Posted July 09, 2013 by

3 Things to Remember When Making Freelancing Your Full-Time Entry Level Job

If freelancing is going to become your entry level job on a full-time basis, make sure you remember three things found in the following post.

You’ve been freelancing on the side to supplement your income. And recently, you’ve really been giving some thought to making freelancing your full-time gig. You’ve got a nice collection of clients and a fairly solid idea of how the whole thing works. You’re ready to get out of

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3 Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Leap to Full-Time Freelancer