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Posted December 10, 2015 by

7 reasons to start learning PHP online

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Cindy Bates

Business owners nowadays generally recognize the critical role played by the World Wide Web in the success and failure of their businesses. They likewise see the importance of online business portals wherein they can showcase their products and services, and reach their target audience. For this reason, it is imperative and very relevant for business owners to make sure that their business websites utilize the latest platforms in web designing and language scripting for web development. Two of the most commonly used platforms for website designing are PHP and HTML. (more…)

Posted November 04, 2015 by

Employee resource groups: Win-win for employees and employers

Even though “employee resource groups” begin with the word “employee,” both employees and employers benefit from these groups. On one hand, employees acquire a support system that helps them learn and grow professionally and personally. On the other hand, employers watch their workers perform better by learning new skills. ERGs are a win-win for employees and employers.

College Recruiter is currently focusing on employee resource groups (ERGs), publishing the opinions of experts based on a series of questions. In today’s article, Angela Talton, Senior Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Nielsen, explains how employee resource groups benefit employees and employers. (more…)

Posted February 05, 2014 by

What to Know About Entry Level Jobs in Civil Engineering in 2014

For those of you interested in finding entry level jobs in civil engineering this year, the following post has some information to keep in mind.

Entry level civil engineering jobs are provided to the fresher civil engineers who can tackle any building assignment efficiently, single-handedly or under the supervision of a senior.

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Posted March 11, 2013 by

Who can Benefit from Project Management Courses?

Sarah Harman

Sarah Harman, Digital Marketing Executive at White Hat Media

Many types of different individuals may benefit from a project management courses. Mostly these are divided into two types: People looking for a new career and those looking to advance in their already existing career. So, why might you need a course in Project Management? You may wish to take a project management course for a number of reasons. These are outlined below. (more…)

Posted July 26, 2012 by

Defining the Masters in Project Management

Master's in Project ManagementWhen considering a master’s degree in the field of project management, it can be difficult to decide which path is truly right for you. Without doing the proper research, a master’s degree in project management can easily be confused with a master’s degree in human resources or a master’s in business administration. What is the difference between these programs? Which one is better? Let’s find out the truth behind these degree’s and their titles, as well as how they can help you reach your professional goals. (more…)

Posted April 26, 2012 by

Interview with Project Manager

I am a consulting project manager and have been working in the IT industry as a PM for about 8 years. I am a certified Project Management Professional and obtained my certification in March of 2005.

My job entails going into a company or organization on a contract and managing a software project. This often entails managing employees of the organization, as well as contracted workers. Many casual observers are not aware of the day to day tasks of a project manager. On the surface, project management looks easy. However, it is anything but easy. The PM keeps the project on track and answers to the stakeholders, such as upper management and the departments that will utilize the software, once deployed. (more…)

Posted March 28, 2012 by

Project Management No-Nos That Apply To Your Job, Too

Cathy Eng

Cathy Eng, Certified Advanced Resume Writer

Though I’m not a project manager, I often pick up issues of PM Network to see what kind of career advice it has. I often find that the career advice it gives is widely transferable to many fields beyond project management. The February 2012 issue of PM Network boasts an article titled “10 Mistakes That Could Get You Fired,” which I found to be both enlightening and applicable to almost all industries.

So many professionals are guilty of these missteps that it bears spreading the good information that the article provides. I picked out five of the 10 mistakes featured in the article (some were indeed more focused project management) that could apply to any professional. Here is a summary of those mistakes outlined and how they may apply to you: (more…)

Posted December 21, 2011 by

Project Management Training that Fits Your Schedule

Do you want to learn more about project management? Are you interested in preparing to sit for the PMP certification exam? Many people whose jobs involve project management want to further their skills and knowledge, a well as earn the PMP credentials that will help them stand out from others who work in the profession. However, finding the time to get the training necessary to advance in the field isn’t something that’s always easy for busy professionals to do. Fortunately, there are learning solutions that make it possible for even the busiest project management professionals to get the training they need. (more…)