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Top 20 Values in Private Colleges for 2014

Kiplinger logoIf you are looking for the best values in higher education at private colleges for 2014, check out the top 20 schools according to Kiplinger in the following post. (more…)

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100 Best Values in Private Colleges and Liberal Arts Colleges

CollegeRecruiter.comAre you looking for a quality, yet affordable private or liberal arts college?

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance published its annual list of best values in private colleges and universities, naming 100 universities and 100 liberal arts colleges that combine academic quality and affordability. This year, Yale University placed first for value among private universities, up from number two last year, and Swarthmore College headed up the list for liberal arts colleges, up from number three. (more…)

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How the Type of College You Choose can Influence Your Future

You may not realize it, but the type of college you choose could make a difference in your future.  If you are wondering how so, take a look at the following infographic to find out. (more…)

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Ten Private Colleges with Lowest Student Graduating Debt

College students, it is no secret that furthering your education isn’t exactly cheap these days.  There are schools, though, that are looking to make the cost of learning a little easier. found ten private colleges, including three Ivy League institutions that provided enough financial aid to get their students across the finish line for around $6,000—well below the national average of $28,100.

Some of them include: (more…)

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Private Colleges with Best Bragging Rights

Did your college make’s list of the 10 hardest schools to get into, based on admissions rate and yield?  If so, then you have bragging rights.  Why?  These schools have a low admission rate, which indicates that the school is highly competitive, and a high yield means that most admitted students find the school desirable enough to attend.

In addition, students who attend these schools are not only among other outstanding students but are also likely to be viewed favorably by prospective employers, potentially delivering a return on your investment for years. So what top value private colleges made the list for best bragging rights? (more…)