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Posted January 29, 2008 by

Plan Ahead for Summer Internships: Availability

The first couple of months of the year are the best time to begin preparing for summer internships. This week, I’ll be sharing tips that have helped me get a jump on the competition and find the ideal position.
Determine Your Availability Now

You will need to pick and choose your battles. How important is your summer vacation? Will you be traveling? The sooner you can arrange your travel, the sooner you can give employers the “heads up” they will need to make decisions about your schedule. Confirming specific dates will show that you are organized and plan ahead.

Will you be available if the internship requires you to relocate? You will need to specifically state in your cover letter that you will be relocating for the internship. Don’t expect the employer to pay your relocation costs. Instead, narrow your internship choices to locations where you feel you could afford to move. Make sure to budget enough money for rent and deposit, utilities, and groceries for at least the first month. If this will be a paid internship, these ongoing monthly costs will factor into your decision about accepting the internship. The fact that you are paying your own relocation costs and have an idea of your monthly expenses will illustrate to potential employers that you smart and insightful. It will also give you the bargaining power to ask for appopriate compensation to finance your summer experience.