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5 Best Practices for Alumni Engagement Online

Alumni rejoicing together

Alumni rejoicing together. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Many graduates have fond memories of their days on campus. I mean, sure, the knowledge and experience gained, but probably also a lot of pizza and late nights socializing at a whisper in the library.

But your relationship with those grads doesn’t have to end after they walk across the stage. Alumni can be a great resource for current student retention, career networking, and (of course) university donations. In the past, alumni engagement strategies revolved around phone calls and direct mail campaigns. Now, higher ed staff are beginning to engage alumni using social media, connecting more grads across the country and inviting their participation at several levels. (more…)

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Want Information About Entry Level Jobs? 4 Steps to Reach Out and Touch Experts in Your Industry

Before applying to entry level jobs, you may want more information about them from those more knowledgeable than you.  The following post shares four steps to approach contacting experts in your industry, which could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

So you just started a blog, launched your side hustle or began your own business. You’re eager to learn quickly so your new project can springboard your career onto bigger and better things. But sometimes you just get a little stuck. Sure, you know how to Google as well as the next person. But

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Want to Recruit Candidates to Fill Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 6 Recruiting Methods to Stay Away From

In order to fill jobs for recent college graduates, recruiters should abandon six methods of recruiting according to the following post.

Recruiting has never been more exciting or more complex. Innovation continues to redefine recruitment as new technology emerges and larger, deeper pools of candidates become available. “SoMoClo” (or Social/Mobile/Cloud), a term heard often at the recent Wisdom Conference, is enabling businesses to automate many processes, while simultaneously adding value to a job that is, and always

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Tips New Employees with Recent Graduate Jobs Can Use

Congratulations to those of you who have started or will start recent graduate jobs.  Remember the tips in the following post while at work.

I’m staying with some friends in South Florida this week. Both are managers in their fields and we’re always chatting about best practices and how their employees can perform better. Here are a few tips we put together: 1. Listen to Your Manager. Don’t create your own rules. Follow the systems in place. 2. Think

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