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Posted August 20, 2012 by

10 Questions to Help You Keep Track of Your Professional Relationships

If you are looking to maintain relationships with your professional contacts, there are some things you need to think about.

Most doctors firmly believe that certain types of regular screening tests and checkups are essential and help save lives. And most of us, no matter how much we despise devoting an hour or more to getting poked and prodded, dutifully go for an annual checkup each year. After all, our health is vital to our overall well-being and happiness. Andrew Sobel says that annual checkups can play a vital role in your professional health as well—especially with regard to client and customer relationships, which are the lifeblood of every business.

Andrew Sobel

Andrew Sobel

“In fact, you should absolutely review the ‘health’ of your client relationships on a regular basis,” says Sobel, coauthor along with Jerold Panas of Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others. “Here’s why: Most clients vote with their feet. They don’t tell you they are unhappy—they simply start to give their business to your competitors. Client relationship checkups can help you gauge the health of these relationships, prescribe changes when necessary, and identify ways to further grow them.”

Sobel recommends infusing your client health checkups with power questions.

Here are ten questions you should ask yourself when you are considering the health of your client relationships: (more…)

Posted June 14, 2012 by

How to Handle Ten of the Toughest Conversations

Sometimes, we can allow our emotions to get the best of us in a conversation.  So, how should you handle the toughest conversations?

We’ve all experienced moments when we feel at a loss for words. Your boss criticizes your work. A customer demands a discount. Your presentation gets off on the wrong foot and tempers flare. Every time, you’re left thinking, I wish I had been able to think of just the right thing to say to that person! What should I have said?Andrew Sobel says that no interaction, regardless of how tough, is ever completely lost. He suggests transforming tough conversations—and the relationships they affect—by asking a few power questions.

“In these situations, when there’s a lot on the line, it’s not all about finding the right thing to say—it’s about asking the right questions,” says Sobel, coauthor along with Jerold Panas of Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others. “By posing just one or two thoughtful questions, you can turn even the most difficult conversation around, shift the focus back to the other person, and give yourself invaluable breathing room to gather your thoughts.”

Read on for a look at ten of the toughest, most awkward conversations you’ll ever have, and the powerful questions that will help manage them with ease. (more…)

Posted April 30, 2012 by

Seven Power Questions to Help You Become a Bankable Star

Are you looking to create a demand for yourself, resulting in a nice payday?  If so, there are some questions to ponder, which could help you achieve this goal.

The truth is there are Bankable Stars in almost every industry, notes Andrew Sobel. And when you can become the big name of your market, it will be great for business.
“Just like the Bankable Stars you see in Hollywood, there are advisors and service providers in every market, who like their West Coast brethren are highly sought after and bring in very high fees,” says Sobel, coauthor along with Jerold Panas of Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others. “I call them ‘Bankable Advisors.’ Some are individuals and some are firms. Regardless, clients love them.”

“Fortunately, you don’t have to be a global eminence to achieve bankable status,” says Sobel. “Regardless of your profession, in your particular market niche, you can become a Bankable Advisor without the galactic notoriety. (more…)