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Posted December 17, 2014 by

7 hard jobs of great importance

Melissa Burns

Melissa Burns

Nowadays it is very popular among students to despise every kind of office work. We are obsessed with the ideas of startups and exciting jobs, tightly connected with travelling and interesting tasks. However, being an office monkey is not that bad – your fate could be much, much harder. So, whenever you start whining about hardships of the office life next time, while sitting in a comfortable office armchair and sipping from a cup of hot coffee, just think of the following list of seven jobs not a single sane person would want to have, though they are much more necessary and useful than most office positions. (more…)

Posted September 11, 2013 by

Skilled Trades: 4 Career Opportunities

Skilled trade jobs are always in demand, making it a great personal attribute to have knowledge in a skilled trade.  The great thing about having a skilled trade is that you will always have work to do and have an income, as these jobs will most likely never go away.  Having a skilled trade insures a solid career and income for you now and in your future. (more…)