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Posted August 04, 2014 by

Interviewing for Jobs, College Graduates? What a Potential Employer Wants to Hear from You

When college graduates are interviewing for jobs, they should keep in mind what a potential employer wants to hear from them.  Find out what an employer wants to know during this meeting in the following post.

Ever think about what your future boss really wants to hear during the job interview? What can you say in that 45 minutes that greatly increases your chances of receiving a job offer? I recently heard some great advice that lined up with my previous experience as a human resources manager, so I’m sharing…

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Posted July 22, 2014 by

Applying for Entry Level Jobs? Don’t Use These 25 Words and Phrases

For job seekers who want to stand out when applying for entry level jobs, there are 25 words and phrases they shouldn’t use according to the following post.

We all try to write the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Our goal: wordsmith something that will make us stand out among millions of job and internship seekers. And yet somehow, those resumes, letters and profiles always seem to sound painfully similar; they drown in groupthink-inspired sameness…

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Posted April 19, 2013 by

5 Genius Ways to Better Your Career By Leveraging the Job You Already Have

If you like the job you already have and want to create a better career for yourself, the following post has tips that could help.

Unlock your global network & career potential with Thunderbird Online’s top-ranked 8- to 24-weekexecutive certificate programs. If you’re a budding business pro, learn morehere. You never know when the next recession will come or when you’ll be out of a job and scrambling for the next one. So if

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5 Genius Ways to Better Your Career By Leveraging the Job You Already Have