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Posted May 01, 2015 by

How to get selected in your dream job

Tripti Rai photo

Tripti Rai

You are either over with your studies (for now), or are going to be (very soon). In either case, we know what must be going in your head, with your friends or fellow students flaunting their job offers or the fact that they have so many interviews lined up. It can be a pretty daunting time, with you not knowing the next or the very first step you should take to bag a good, decent pay job preferably in the industry where you see yourself in the next 5 yrs.

Job search process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems right now. All you need to do right now is keep your cool and work towards brushing your skills. Main steps for bagging your dream job are: (more…)

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Is an MBA Necessary to Startup Your Tech Business?

If you have thought about running your own tech business without pursuing your MBA, it may not be out of the question.  There are some people you have probably heard of who’ve accomplished this task.  On the other hand, the more knowledge you get before attempting to start a company can only better prepare you.  Either way, here is an infographic to help you learn more about having your own startup. (more…)

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How to ACE the Job Interview—the First Time

Jimmy Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy

Do you think of a job interview as a nerve-wracking experience? Do you feel afraid, negative or pessimistic about your chances of succeeding? Maybe you say to yourself, “Other people always get the jobs; why not me?” It doesn’t have to be that way. If a hiring manager invites you in for an interview it’s a good sign. It means you’ve said something in your cover letter that motivated the employer to call you. So rather than letting fear and worry drive you, focus on the positive aspects of a job interview and get it ‘right’ the first time. Here’s how: (more…)

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High-demand Careers Open Doors to Entry-Level Employment

Smiling male student holding graduation certificate

Smiling male student holding graduation certificate. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Laying the groundwork for gainful employment doesn’t start after graduation.  On the contrary, students planning well-ahead for job roles are those landing on their feet with job offers following school.  And what you study matters most, since some degrees are in high demand.

College students aren’t always ready to commit to careers and educational choices at the beginning of their college experiences.  As a result, many pursue general credentials during the early years, waiting for inspiration to guide them into degree programs.  While the approach works for some, others are left unprepared following graduation. (more…)

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It’s Not Just The Major – advice to think twice when selecting your college career path

Lori Hatfield

Lori Hatfield, Director of Career Services at the University of Redlands

1. It’s the skill sets, not just the major.  Some people choose a major based on a personal passion that drives them, and your own interest should be a factor in choosing your course of study. But there are certain skill sets that are critical to job placement and career success. Those are developing strong oral and written communication skills and being able to think in a critical, analytical way – in short, be able to problem-solve and express yourself clearly and concisely.  Look for classes inside your major and throughout the curriculum that will help you develop those skills, or ask your advisor for suggestions. (more…)

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Where Are The Jobs For Millennials?

Tru Pettigrew

Tru Pettigrew, Founder of Tru Access

Many millennials are struggling to find jobs upon graduation. Even more are struggling to find jobs in their field. There are a host of reasons that have been discussed and explored as to why this is the case. Why are so many driven young men and women armed with Bachelors and Masters degrees finding themselves unemployed or underemployed? (more…)

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Employment Agency – What One Can Get by Hiring Their Services?

Information about a recruitment agency business

Information about a recruitment agency business. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Employment agency services are utilized by many people so they can find a job. Whether you are looking for immediate work placement or just trying to see what are the opportunities available in the job market, signing up with a job agency is very beneficial. So it is worthy to be considered.

You can widen your job search with an agency and can access a bigger area of the job market by getting aware about the more relevant posts as well as contacts. (more…)

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Will College Graduates Be Able to Find Entry Level Jobs as Lawyers?

Finding entry level jobs as lawyers may become more challenging for college graduates, according to the following post.

The legal industry group NALP has released a report showing the job placement rate for new law grads is the lowest it’s been since 1992.

This article is from:

Job Prospects For Entry-Level Lawyers Are … – Business Insider

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How Do You Handle the ‘Low-Ball’ Salary Offer?

CollegeRecruiter.comHave you been offered a great job, but given a smaller salary than you expected?  The following post explains how to handle this situation.

Editor’s Note: This blog is a modified excerpt from professional “headhunter” and bestselling job-hunting book author Skip Freeman’s next book in the “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets series of job-hunting books, Career Stalled? Publication is scheduled for late fall.

You literally breezed through all the preliminary “screening” steps in your quest to land a GREAT new job at a GREAT company that’s a recognized leader in your industry. And three months after beginning your quest, you have just completed your third face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. At every step along the way you clearly branded yourself as the candidate of choice. You feel absolutely certain that a job offer is imminent!

See original article here:

How Do You Handle the ‘Low-Ball’ Salary Offer?

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Selling Your Script to A Recruiter

CollegeRecruiter.comAs a job seeker, probably the most important thing standing between you and an interview is your resume.  It should represent you, yet display your qualifications for the position you’re applying for.  The following post offers suggestions on what to do and what not to do to create the resume that will reward you with an interview.

A resume like a great film script must be refined and adapted. As a story, it must be original and powerful. If you want your script and story sold to a recruiter or hiring manager here are some thoughts from the job search front lines. If you don’t take time to do these things you run a higher risk of the “the studio” passing on your wonderful script.

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Selling Your Script to A Recruiter