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Posted July 19, 2017 by

[video] Effective negotiation skills: Discussing salary and benefits Part 2


Learning effective negotiation skills is not difficult, but you have to know what to ask for and when to ask. College Recruiter spoke with Marky Stein, a well recognized expert in career counseling, who gives her advice here for entry level job seekers about negotiating salary and benefits. 

Stein is a member of College Recruiter’s  Panel of Experts, who consults Fortune 500 companies, presents at colleges and universities about career development, and is a bestselling author of career planning books.  This is Part 2 of 2 of our conversation with Stein. Here she addresses the gender pay gap and advises when to ask for a pay raise. In part 1 of our conversation, Stein provided tips for what to expect, how to prepare for negotiating and ideas for what to negotiate (more…)

Posted March 09, 2012 by

Phone Interview Tips that Can Make a Difference

William Frierson of CollegeRecruiter.comWhile job seekers are used to having most of their interviews in person, there may be times when these interviews are conducted by phone. Phone interviews should be given the same respect as face to face interviews; even though the interviewer can’t see you, he or she will know whether or not you have prepared for the interview. Make the most of phone interviews by following these tips: (more…)