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Posted May 05, 2015 by

Tips for Entry Level Job Seekers

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Maggie Searle

The nightmares of not being able to get a job or the taxes mounting on and no personal or social life are the notions which you start getting right after you step in your senior year of university. Fretting over these thoughts or creating a tantrum is not at all a big deal at such a naïve stage of your professional life ending and stepping in to practical life. These are the common concerns of all the fresh graduates or soon-to-be-graduates to look for a job, because it is one of the primary needs of survival. (more…)

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Working with People on Your Entry Level Job who Don’t Want to Participate? How to Change Their Minds

There may come a time on your entry level job where you work with people who don’t want to participate in an assignment or project.  So, how can you change their minds?  Learn more in the following post.

Flash back for a moment to one of those group projects from college or grad school. Were you the one who ended up doing 90 percent of the work? Did you find your dislike for your group members increasing with every passing day? Did you swear to yourself that when you got into the “real” world, you’d never be

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How to Write a Persuasive Job Posting Ad

Peter Weddle

Peter Weddle of Weddle’s

Guest Post by Peter Weddle

In his 2006 book Influence, Robert Cialdini identified six sources of persuasion. They are involuntary responses that come from deep within our psyche. While all can play a role in recruitment, one is particularly important in today’s hyper-social environment. Psychologists call it “social proof,” our predisposition to follow the lead of those we know and trust.

It’s no secret that the War for Talent has morphed into a battle for the best talent. And, it’s also no secret that the best talent have attributes and characteristics that are different from everybody else.

First, they are almost always employed. In order to recruit them, therefore, we have to convince them to do the one thing we humans most hate to do: change. We have to convince them to go from the devil they know (their current employer, boss and commute) to the devil they don’t know (a new employer, a different boss and a strange commute). (more…)

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5 Essential Tips to Influence and Persuade Others at the Workplace

Shweta Khare

Shweta Khare of CareerBright

Persuasion and influence are your stepping stones towards success, whether at the workplace of in our personal lives — we are influencing and persuading others in different ways. How good are you at this essential art of getting things done your way? Before you head on to persuade others, mark the following checklist and see how well you are prepared before others listen to what you have to say.
1. Get in the Shoes of those you wish to Persuade

Always think why the other person would be influenced by you, it is now always about how good you are at persuasion but first think about what they want and how they would want to be influenced for a particular work or situation. Do the ground work first – always do your research on how would they benefit from the solution you have to offer. (more…)