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Personal Statements & Resumes: How They Work Together

Ryan Hickey

Ryan Hickey, Managing Editor of Peterson’s & EssayEdge

One of the most common mistakes that grad school applicants make is viewing their personal statement essay as an extended version of their resume. Besides being redundant, this misstep means that students are losing out on a critical opportunity to set themselves apart from other applicants.

Personal statements and resumes are meant to work together as part of a student’s overall application. A well-written, thoughtful personal statement and a detailed, organized resume will complement each other, working in tandem to paint a flattering portrait of the applicant. (more…)

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How Your Resume Can Sell You in Your Entry Level Job Search

Have you thought about how to write a resume that sells you as the best candidate for an entry level job?  In the following post, learn how your resume can show potential employers that you’re more than just someone with a degree.

It’s July and you’re all set to graduate this summer and enter the working world. But, although your resume may show you’ve been a star performer academically, when it comes to work experience, it’s looking decidedly thin on the ground. Before you start your job search, here are five ways to make an “experience-lite” resume feel more

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College Graduates, Want Your Resumes to Shine as You Search for Jobs? 5 Ways to Add Your Personality into Them

College graduates searching for jobs can help their resumes stand out from the competition by adding personality to them.  Learn five ways to do so in the following post.

A resume is supposed to be a purely factual document, right? Dull, straight to the point. Absolutely not! But it seems true judging by the number of job seekers who send out dead dull resumes and wonder why they’re getting nowhere! Each time you send out your resume you’re competing with an average of 70 applicants

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Applying for Your First Entry Level Job? What to Do and Not to Do

When applying for your first entry level job, you want to make a great impression.  Learn some do’s and don’ts for filling out a job application in the following post.

Applying for college courses can be a challenging experience for first time students – especially when mastering that personal statement part of the application. After making the transition from campus to career, the skills, tips and tricks learned during those days (or even weeks) spent painstakingly crafting the perfect personal statement for your college application

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Personal Statement Writing – Start with a Sample

Many grad programs at various universities and specialty schools will require you to write a personal statement in order for you to apply to the school and if you are not sure what to write then you need to know where to look so that you can figure it out. Because your personal statement will weigh heavily on whether or not you get accepted into the school of your dreams, you want to make sure that you write a personal statement that really wows those who will read it.
A great exercise to conduct before you begin to put together your personal statement is to start with a sample. This way you can see exactly what goes on a personal statement and you can also check out how the tone of the writer is and what they actually are emphasizing.
The first place that you should look for sample personal statements is on the website of the school in which you are attempting to get into. If you can find samples of the personal statements of others who have already been accepted into the school then you can really begin to dig deep and find out what will be expected of you.
Depending on the school in which you are trying to gain entry to, finding these samples can be easy or darn near impossible. When the latter happens you can always turn to the internet for help.
Just as with anything else these days, the internet has an unbelievable amount of websites with samples of various types of personal statements. You can begin by conducting a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search on ‘personal statement samples’ and then begin to look at the different results that come up.
When you are sifting through the vast amount of sample you will have access to, be sure that you are looking for samples that will pertain to you and your personal situation. Once you find sample personal statements that you think have helpful information you can print them out and highlight any areas that you feel may help you when you set out to write your own personal statement. It is also a good idea to take notes as you go along.
Once you have a good amount of information and several personal statement samples to reference you can then sit down and begin to put down your thoughts for your personal statement. Don’t try to write your personal statement after only viewing one sample as this may inadvertently lead you to create a carbon copy of what you are looking at. By writing down your thoughts first you will be able to ensure that you are getting a good mix of ideas and inspirations from the various personal statement samples you like.
Remember, your personal statement is ‘personal’ in nature so it is in your best interest to be sure that all the information you provide is in fact your information. By starting with one sample and taking some ideas, then moving on to another and taking additional ideas, and so on, you allow your true self to come out in the finished product and this will give you the best shot at gaining access to the school of your choice.

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How Essay Edge Editing Service Works

Whenever you decide that it time to further yourself via education there is almost always an essay that needs to be written and writing it yourself can prove a challenge, unless you employ the help of a company like Essay Edge. Your essay can often be the difference maker between getting into a college, grad school, or other higher education institute, and being shut out completely. For this reason it is imperative that you have the best prepared essay possible and that’s where Essay Edge comes in.
Essay Edge takes your essay that you have written and in a nut shell makes it better. The company works with your essay and will:

  • Go over your essay that you e-mail to them completely.
  • Address grammar, spelling, and typos issues.
  • Give complete critique and show you how to fix your essay and make it more appealing.
  • Turns around your essay in 48 hours or less.
  • Gives you the confidence that your essay will have an edge over all the others that will be submitted.

The writers for Essay Edge are among the leading in their field and are graduates from some of the best schools in the country including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, and Stanford to name a few. Essay Edge works with five main categories of essay or admission paper that include:
1. College: Getting into college is sometimes harder than finding a job. There are always many applicants and not everyone gets in. A great way to gain an edge on the competition is with a well crafted essay to help you stand out.
2. Graduate School: A step above college and even harder to get into. Here is where you really need to be sure that your essay sparkles.
3. Business School: Having a great essay is key to gaining admission to your business school of choice. Only seven percent of applicants get into the school of their choice on the first try so it is imperative that you take advantage of every edge you can.
4. Law School: Over half of all law school applicants get rejected over and over again. You can combat this and greatly increase your odds of admission with a well written essay.
5. Medical School: If you’ve made it this far you owe it to yourself to have the best prepared essay or medical school personal statement possible.
The writers of Essay Edge will work hard and diligently to ensure that no matter what area of higher education you are attempting to move into that your quest will be just a bit easier because your essay will be the best that it can possibly be. Their customer satisfaction rate is over 97 percent and 82 percent of the users are admitted to their top choice school.
The essay that you will write is like your resume for getting a job. If it is not well prepared and doesn’t stand out from the rest, then your chances of getting where you want to go will be greatly diminished. Working with Essay Edge will give you that pop and sparkle you will need in your essay to ensure a great chance of you getting into the school of your choice.
Save money on professional personal statement editing by using an Essay Edge promo code.

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Writing a Personal Statement for Law School

In order to gain entrance into law school, prospective students are required to write an essay detailing the reasons why they want to become lawyers. Unlike the college entrance application, personal statements for law school are essays that have an open format. Successful lawyers are high achievers long before they enter law school. They exude confidence and accomplish their goals.
When you write your law school statement, you need to write in a way that shows your skills, competence, and achievements. Think of the person reading your essay as you write. He or she will want to know what you have to offer society as a lawyer. That person also has an interest in your motivations for wanting to be a lawyer and what it is that makes you a better prospect than other law school applicants.
Remember that admissions officers review hundreds of applications. Tell them the true story of the things in your life that made you decide to become an attorney. Do not embellish or say anything false because they will see through it. Do not use cliches that you have heard from someone else or tell them what you think they want to hear. For instance, if you really enjoy helping the homeless, write it down in such a way that it shows your reasons rather than telling them.
What qualifies you to be a lawyer? What character traits, skills, and talents do you have that would make you a good lawyer? Describe everything you know about yourself that you feel qualifies you above other people. Don’t be disingenuous by exaggerating your skills and accomplishments.
If you have any weaknesses that you feel may potentially disqualify you from law school, how do you get around them in your personal statement? That is a tough question. If you have a period of time where you had below average grades, using excuses is not the solution to your dilemma. Try to find something positive that you learned that helps you overcome the flaw. In the case of grades, you could tell how you improved them.
One writer’s technique that works effectively on essays and personal statements is active voice. Use active verbs in your senses. Passive voice sounds weak and that is not the way you want to come across to the admissions board. That however does not mean that you should try to impress anyone with your knowledge of legal terminology.
A personal statement does not mean writing your complete personal life memoirs. In other words, don’t write a book. Instead, write a 1 to 2 page statement using the tips contained here. When you’re finished, ask people you know to read your statement. Take their suggestions seriously.
This is perhaps the most important step of all in writing your personal statement. Revise once. Set it down for a day. Revise twice. Set it down for another day. Read it again and revise and edit once more. Let someone read it again and get their opinion of your statement.
Writing our personal statement for law school is not rocket science. When you put the time and effort into writing it, you will likely end up with a personal statement that will effectively get the notice of the Board of Admissions.
Tip: Get a head start on writing your own personal statement by starting with a sample personal statement. Your writing will be faster, easier, and more professional as a result.
Jason Kay is a professional writer offering advice in a number of areas including resume writing and personal statement writing. You can learn more useful tips at his resume writing blog.