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Posted January 23, 2017 by

How Millennial managers are different


Contributing writer Ted Bauer

When Millennials become managers of others, what can we expect? How do they manage differently?

We’ve been managing in similar ways for generations now (maybe as far back as 1911), but in the last few years, Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. Right this second, being younger and all, Millennials aren’t running many companies yet. But they are managing: some research says 62% of global workers have had a Millennial boss at least once. 

One important distinction here is that oftentimes, Millennials see themselves as leaders even if the job title doesn’t back that up. That was a key finding in a recent report from The Hartford. Here are a few other trends we see in Millennial managers:

The work-life balance issue: Millennials are known for demanding work-life balance, but when they become managers, they are actually struggling with work-life balanceBeing young, they might feel they have more to prove in a role, and thus feel more pressure or spend more time at work. Other research has backed this up, calling Millennials one of the biggest workaholic generations. If you work for a Millennial who spends 12 hours+ per day at work and you feel the need to match or exceed that, this aspect of Millennial managers could be a con.

Less command and control. More collaboration: This is a big theme of Millennial managers, with the common logic being that they grew up in more group activities — and thus feel comfortable in that setting. This is a very good thing, as one study has shown command and control management styles are literally taking years off people’s lives.  (more…)

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You Got the Job! Now Hold Onto It…for 2 Years

Young male with arms crossed, showing confidence and charisma

Young male with arms crossed, showing confidence and charisma. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Summary: How long should you ride out your first job out of college? Read on for some advice.

You did it! After years of school, a bit of hard work, and a few lucky network connections, you finally landed your first professional job. Welcome to the adult working world, and good luck! As you move forward, a few strategic career moves can help you hold onto your hard-won prize. And when the time comes, these moves can also help you move on to the next phase. Keep these tips in mind. (more…)

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7 Things to Do After You Get Turned Down for a Raise

Aaron Gouveia

Aaron Gouveia, contributing writer

If the true measure of a person is how he/she acts in the face of adversity, then how you react when you get turned down for a raise request speaks volumes.

Look, no one likes rejection. It’s not easy mustering up the courage to advocate for yourself, ask for more money, and potentially put your self-worth on the line. Doing your utmost to convince someone you’re worth it and then having your manager disagree isn’t an easy thing with which to cope. Once you’ve been turned down, you now run the risk of becoming bitter, detached, and disinterested at work – and that serves nobody. (more…)

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Working in Recent Graduate Jobs? Prepare for Your Performance Review

For people who have been working in recent graduate jobs, there may a come a time to have a performance review.  The following post has information to help you prepare for this meeting.

Whew! The review is over and we don’t want to think about it again for another year.  But, could that be a mistake?  Could it be that performance reviews can actually be valuable tools in helping us reach our career goals? The answer to both questions is – yes!  If

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Don’t Mess-up Your Performance Review – Tips for Being Well-Prepared