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Posted June 24, 2014 by

How to Go from an Internship to an Entry Level Job – 12 Ways to Achieve this Goal

If you’re an intern who wants an entry level job at the company you’re working for, learn 12 ways to achieve this goal in the following post.

Your internship is a great way to gain experience, develop skills and greatly improve your chances of getting catching a recruiter’s attention. Even better, many internships lead to a job offer; I had three internships during my college career, and the last one turned into my first full-time job! This is how I

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Posted April 23, 2014 by

Has Your Entry Level Job Become Tedious? 7 Ways to Break Out of Boredom

While you appreciate having an entry level job, at times you might feel like your work is a bit tedious.  In the following post, learn seven ways to break out of boredom while at work.

When I start to feel like I’m stagnating, doing just the bare minimum, I know I can’t allow myself to fall into the black hole of boredom. I must get my adrenaline pumping again. But how? To help stop the daydreaming and get excited again about knocking out the day’s challenges, we spoke to


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Posted April 21, 2014 by

How to Come Close to Finding the Perfect Entry Level Job

Entry level job seekers should not try to find the perfect job because it may cost them too much time.  Instead, focusing on getting the best opportunity for themselves may be the better option.  Learn some tips for doing so in the following post.

You’re simply not going to get the perfect job. That’s right. It’s not gonna happen. Now, before you go burying your misery in a pint of mint chocolate chip, rest assured this seemingly depressing dose of reality isn’t a reflection on you. You may very well be the cream of the crop when

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Posted October 24, 2013 by

Applying for Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Current Hiring Trends to Keep an Eye On

The more knowledge you have in your job search, the better your chances of finding employment in today’s job market.  If you are applying for jobs for recent college graduates, keep an eye on the current hiring trends in the following post.

Most hiring trends and recruiters’ preferences come and go, while some tend to stick around for what seems like forever. These trends may include candidates’ skills sets, the means recruiters use to hire, and even the steps in actual hiring process. For candidates, it’s important to know the current preferences and trends in order to have the

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