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Posted November 11, 2013 by

Graduated from Law School? How to Pay Off Your Student Loans

Congratulations on graduating from law school!  Now, while you’re focusing on finding a job, there also comes the responsibility of paying off your student loans.  Even though this might be a stressful thought, there are options to help you eliminate this debt.  Learn more in the following infographic. (more…)

Posted June 04, 2011 by

Creative Ways To Pay Your Interns

Intern ProfitsLately, there has been a lot of buzz about the ethics behind hiring interns for unpaid positions. If you decide that you want to hire interns for unpaid positions then you must be able to pass the Department of Labor’s test for unpaid interns. However, if you decide that you want reward your interns for their work, then there are many more ways to pay them instead of just a salary. Some of the best alternative payment methods that many small business owners use are bonuses, perks, and training. (more…)