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Want a Salary Increase on Recent College Graduate Jobs? How to Get the Money You Believe You Have Earned

For employees on recent college graduate jobs looking for a raise, the following post offers tips to help them negotiate for the salary increase they feel they have earned.

Asking for a pay raise from a manager is never easy, partly because it’s hard finding the right words and partly because it’s hard to gauge what the right amount to ask for is without under- or over-selling yourself. But unless you review how much you’re getting paid, you’ll never be

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Boost Your Career: Do What The Popular Kids Did In High School

CollegeRecruiter.comEven if you were not one of the most popular students in high school, you can learn lessons from those who were and apply them to your career.  Learn more in the following post.

Those cheerleaders, class presidents and smiling sports stars were so popular in high school, and they’re more successful in their careers, too.

They earn more than the rest of us even 35 years after high school is over, according to new research from the National Bureau of Economic Affairs.

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Boost Your Career: Do What The Popular Kids Did In High School