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Posted November 07, 2008 by

Paying for College Doesn’t Have to Be a Trade-off

Whether you’re going to college for the first time, going back to complete your studies or pursue a graduate degree, paying for tuition is not likely to be easy. One way students and recent college graduates have come up with to help ease the financial burden is opening franchises. Another way to earn extra money to pay off college debts is online trading.
It may not sound like an option, but online brokers like Firstrade make it affordable for anyone to invest in the future. Because they are a discount broker, Firstrade has affordable fees and other incentives like no-fee IRAs.
It’s true the economy is struggling but that doesn’t mean that all stock trading has come to a halt. The beauty of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., is that your money works for you instead of vice versa. Firstrade has an interactive demo, a site tour and a Knowledge Center to help anyone interested in online trading to learn about the numerous investment options available as well as the tax implications involved. They also offer live chats with Firstrade representatives. Students who invest a portion of their income from part-time jobs, paid internships, or franchises while they’re going to college might end up with more than enough to pay off their student loans after graduation.