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Posted November 15, 2012 by

Executives Prefer Storing Data at Work and Home

Some executives value keeping a record of their data on the job and at home.

In a survey of over 100 business executives conducted online in September, Rimage found that 98.4% of business executives believe there are consequences when a company fails to properly archive data and 33.1% report that certain types of corporate data need to be archived for as long as 20 to 50 years. (more…)

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Why Use an Online Backup Service

The story is always the same: you know you should back up your computer, but you put it off because it’s a hassle. Where are those discs? Which ones have I used before? What software do I use to do the back up? Where did I even put the disc from my last backup?
It’s estimated that one in every ten hard drives fail each year. Most people know that viruses can wipe out your hard drive, but there’s also the possibility of theft or damage. If you do have current backups of your data – where is that disc? It’s often stored in the same location as your computer, so if a natural disaster were to strike, you are out of luck. If you try to retrieve data from your hard drive it can come with a hefty price – thousands of dollars, and sometimes that data is gone forever. Gone are all your documents, pictures, and music.
Online backup services make backing up your computer simple and effortless. These services are highly recommended by the same professionals that you would pay thousands of dollars to retrieve lost data. With online backup services a copy of your data is stored in a secure, remote location. This means in the event of a disaster, say your house burns down, your data is still safe and secure.
With online backup services, your files, music, and pictures will be automatically backed up at intervals that you choose. Some services even automatically back up any new files that are created or added to your computer. You never have to think about backing up your computer again. No equipment, software, or storage devices are needed. Plus, you can access or add more files to your account from any computer. If you are on vacation and want to backup pictures to free up space on your camera’s memory card – you can do that from any computer!
There are several companies offering online backup services. One of the most widely known services is Mozy – which offers 2GB of storage free. Other companies offer very affordable rates (typically about $5 a month) for online storage. Some companies just have a flat fee for unlimited storage.
All companies will securely store your data in a secure location, but there are differences among the companies. Good services won’t noticeably slow down your PC – at least after the initial upload. You can also look for companies that encrypt your data before, during, and after it’s been sent to industrial strength servers.
One of the key things is the ease of use in the set up, selection of what files and folders you want backed up, and most importantly – getting your files back if you lose them. Most companies offer a free trial period. Use that time to evaluate the ease of the service and go through the process of retrieving data to see what it’s like.
You can compare various remote online backup services and read customer reviews at

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Online Storage Space: Insurance for Your Computer Files

There you are at the most important business meeting of your life. You are dressed to impress and your presentation couldn’t be any better prepared unless Warren Buffet himself was the creator. Then all of the sudden you realize that you forgot your jump drive with all the files you need to make the presentation back at your office and the sweat begins to pour as if you had just run a the Boston Marathon. What can you do?
You can avoid this nightmare from ever happening by backing up all your computer files using online storage space. This is accomplished by using an online file storage service, which is also known as a file hosting service or online media center. An online file storage service is an Internet hosting service specifically designed to host static content. This content is typically large files that are not web pages. They can be optimized for serving many users, as is implied by the term hosting, or be optimized for single-user storage, as is implied by the term storage. Once a user’s files are stored, those files can be accessed from any computer that has a connection to the Internet. The user’s files can then be shared publicly or can be password protected if the user so desires.
Online storage space is quite simply a back-up plan if all else fails. Think of it as insurance, you hope you never need to use it but it is nice to know that you have it should a situation arise.
While there are many advantages to having your personal files backed up with an online file storage service, here are just a few:

  • Little to no cost: Many online file storage services charge per gigabyte and some have a bandwidth cost component as well. While there are plenty that will charge for their services, there are plenty more that are free up to a certain point. While it is up for debate as to which service is better, the biggest difference seems to be that the freebie services have more ads for you to look at.
  • Easy to access: Once your files are stored all you need to access them is a computer that is online. Your files can be accessed from anywhere whether you are in Atlanta, Australia or Timbuktu.
  • Piece of mind: Never again will you have to worry should you forget to bring your files on your jump drive or any other format such as disk or cd-r. Your files will always be ready to be accessed should you need them, even if your personal computer crashes.

In today’s business environment being prepared is key, but being ready for anything, even the unexpected, is what separates the great from the good. Let’s face it, in life the unexpected can and will happen. Computers crash and jump drives get left behind, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be unprepared. Having your personal files backed up with an online file storage service is quite possibly the easiest and smartest business decision you will ever make. The piece of mind that comes with knowing that your files are always at hand is priceless and if you play your cards right the service is anything but.

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How To Get Free Online Storage

Online storage is a phenomenon that did not even exist a couple of decades ago. However, the surge of personal computer use and digital camera use means that having a reliable backup is a must. It’s nice to have things backed up on a CD at home, however if your home were completely destroyed, you would lose your backup as well as the original. Therefore offsite storage is critical.
Any type of storage runs the regular risk of destruction from perils like fire, flood, storm damage, explosion, natural disasters and theft. However electronic storage also has an additional peril that threatens it, one that strikes more often than the other risks. It is file corruption. Viruses, worms, spyware and other destructive computer phenomena cause files to become irreparably damaged. By stepping up your data protection by opting for online storage in addition to hard storage, you will be able to put unparalleled insurance in place for your important electronic data.
Online storage is simple and convenient. You do not need to burn CDs or bring your files anywhere. It is simply a transfer of soft file copies from your own computer to the online storage site’s computer. Most of these services however have fees, therefore it can get costly to store everything you want and need to store.
There are ways to get major savings on such online storage. You can even get free online storage if you know what to do.
1. Check out the different companies out there and see what they offer. Many have free storage offers that come with activating a new account, which is also usually free. Find the company with the best offer and set up different accounts for everyone in your household. Many companies offer as much as 5 megabytes of information housed free of charge.
2. You can even set up accounts with multiple companies that offer free storage space to new members. Just be sure to keep track of where you have your information and the login names and passwords for each.
3. Look for online storage sites that will reward you for encouraging others to join. By spreading the word about the service to friends and family, you can often earn free storage space. Remember to tell anyone and everyone, even those old friends from childhood who have found you again on Facebook and Myspace.
By making the extra effort to investigate all the free online storage options out there and getting as much as you need by using multiple accounts and reward programs, you will be able to feel secure in the knowledge that your irreplaceable data is safely stowed away and protected.
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