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Posted November 20, 2014 by

Online Reputation Matters In Helping University Applicants Improve Admissions Odds

College admissions building

College admissions building. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Here’s a question: How many times have you used Google to search for something? Here’s another question: How many times have you read reviews online about a product or a restaurant and made a judgment simply from reading those reviews? You may have even decided not to go to that restaurant or not to buy a product you were previously interested in solely because of reading information online.

If you’re like the majority of the population, then one, you’ve searched Google thousands upon thousands of times, and, two, at one point or another you’ve also made a decision about something simply based on what you’ve heard about it online. (more…)

Posted June 05, 2013 by

The Importance of Online Reviews for College Admissions

Jay Binstein

Jay Binstein

In the competitive industry of education, attracting top incoming students is a priority among colleges. Some of these institutions spend millions of dollars to assure their campus is presentable for prospective students. With online reviews growing ever more important, many of these schools are realizing their image was determined well before the student arrived on campus. (more…)