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Posted September 25, 2013 by

Recruiters, Are You Struggling to Find Top Talent for Entry Level Jobs at Career Fairs? 7 Mistakes You’re Making

Recruiters interested in finding college students for entry level jobs during in-person career fairs should be careful to avoid seven mistakes highlighted in the following post.

Did you know Brazen helps employers host their own virtual open houses and recruiting events? Learn how your company can connect with top talent online! Simply filling a booth at a college career fair doesn’t promise you the interest of talented soon-to-be graduates. Even so, on-location career fairs are still one of the top recruiting and hiring

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Employers, Candidates Want to be Treated like People

Scott Goodman

Scott Goodman of Shaker Consulting Group

“We want information, information, information.”

“Who are you?”

“The new number two.”

“Who is number one?”

“You are number six.”

“I am not a number, I am a free man.”

For those of you who are not up on your heavy metal, the above lyrics are from Iron Maiden’s “The Prisioner.” The song opens with the above dialogue inspired by the 1967 British television series of the same name.

I listened to the song yesterday with my 9 year-old son who is learning to play guitar and has taken a liking to 80s hard rock / metal.  Later that day (with the lyrics stuck in my head), I listened to a friend complain about his frustration looking for a job online and how he felt that he was nothing more than a number, rather than a person.   In this online digital world identities are being lost.  Individuals and companies are finding it difficult to differentiate themselves. (more…)

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4 Job Hunting Tips for Recent College Grads

· You may have more experience than you realize – While recent college grads are likely to highlight internships and part-time jobs on their resumes, they may not know that many employers will consider volunteer work (53 percent), class work (33 percent), managing activities for sororities or fraternities (26 percent) and sports (20 percent) as relevant experience. One-in-ten employers (12 percent) would also consider social media (personal or school-related blogs, social networking pages) to qualify as relevant experience.

· Expand your network of contacts online and offline – The number one way employers recruit recent college grads is through employee referrals (49 percent) followed by postings on online job sites (42 percent). (more…)