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Posted February 06, 2014 by

Hiring or Looking for Recent Graduate Jobs? The Problems for Employers and Job Seekers

When you hear that so many people are unemployed, yet that there are job opportunities available, it makes you wonder what the problems are for employers and job seekers.  The following post shares an infographic, which talks about the challenges both sides face in the employment process, say for example, those hiring or looking for recent graduate jobs.

Contrary to the doom and gloom still shown on the evening news, there are jobs available.  In some cases, many jobs. Good jobs. Many of these positions, however, remain open for extended periods of time… despite receiving many applicants. Why is it seemingly so hard for employers to find and

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Posted January 27, 2014 by

Writing Your Resume for an Entry Level Job? Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

When writing your resume for an entry level job, remember that you want to make a great first impression.  To do that, make sure to avoid the mistakes found in an infographic in the following post.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the importance of a quality resume. Yet, we still make mistakes. And a bad resume makes an already tough job search even harder. Much harder. Check out this terrific infographic from LiveCareer, which details some of the worst resume blunders ever. Then, review your own resume… make some improvements… and see if

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