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Posted January 26, 2015 by

Study shows ATS block 86-94% of those trying to apply

Most popular applicant tracking systems, as ranked by OnGig

Most popular applicant tracking systems, as ranked by OnGig

Human resource departments have always understood the need to efficiently manage the flow of information about people who want to work for our organizations.

Several decades ago the need for efficiency led to the popularization of applicant tracking systems and those have allowed employers to greatly reduce their costs-per-hire, time-to-hire, and ability to defend themselves in lawsuits. That’s all good but with the good often comes some bad.

At niche job board College Recruiter, we see ATS from the vantage point of our employer clients as well as the millions of actively searching recent grads and students who use our site and more passive candidates who we reach via targeted email, targeted mobile banner, and targeted display ad campaigns. As you might expect, many of them get pretty frustrated and the most highly qualified and therefore most sought after candidates tend to give up because, well, they can. (more…)

Posted November 25, 2014 by

487% Boost to Candidate Engagement From Embedding Recruitment Videos Into Job Posting Ads

Job Posting Ad With Embedded Recruitment VideoFor years, College Recruiter has made it possible for employers to include their recruitment videos in their job posting ads on our site. Very few job boards make that possible and the vast majority which do charge employers more for that service. So why have we made it easy and free? Simple. We believed that job posting ads which include video are better for the candidate and recruiter experience and features like that are always going to be in our long-term best interests even if that means giving up a little revenue in the short-run.

Now, believing that a feature is beneficial and having data to support that belief are two different things. So naturally I was pretty happy to read a blog article by Rob Kelly of Ongig that included data showing that job posting ads with video greatly boost engagement with candidates even if those candidates don’t view the videos. The average amount of time that job seekers spend on a job posting ad jumps dramatically when those postings include video: