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Posted September 10, 2014 by

Recent College Graduates, Haven’t Heard Back about the Jobs You Applied for? 7 Rules for Following Up

Recent college graduates who have applied for jobs can become impatient if they feel it’s taking too long to hear back from employers.  In the following post, learn how they can follow up by applying these seven rules.

Proper follow up is an integral piece of your job search, and how you execute can make or break your chances at snagging an interview, or even an offer. And while we live in the digital age where immediate information at our fingertips is the norm, it’s not quite the way the hiring process works.

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Posted June 17, 2014 by

Following Up Your Interview for an Entry Level Job? 7 Rules to Remember

When following up about your interview for an entry level job, you should approach doing so in a certain manner.  In the following post, learn seven rules for an interview follow up.

While we live in the digital age where immediate information and feedback is the norm, that is not quite how the hiring process works. So follow up after you submit a resume and after a job interview requires a delicate balance of assertiveness, respect for your contact’s time – and patience…

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