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Posted December 13, 2012 by

Bad Bosses Beware: Strengthening Economy Causing More Employees to Quit

Amy Kaminski of Compdata Surveys

Amy Kaminski of Compdata Surveys

As the national unemployment rate remained above eight percent for the majority of this year, turnover rates are beginning to inch up. The average total turnover rate reported for employers from 2011 was 15.2 percent, according to the 2012 BenchmarkPro survey results. That’s up slightly from 14.4 percent reported a year ago. Voluntary turnover rates were reported at 9.8 percent, up from 9.1 percent last year.

“Voluntary turnover rates were trending downward for several years, but the numbers are beginning to edge up again,” said Amy Kaminski, director of marketing for Compdata Surveys. “This is likely because employees are beginning to feel more comfortable about re-entering the job market as the economy shows small signs of improvement.” (more…)