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Where Success is Really Hidden

CollegeRecruiter.comOnce you have established your personal brand, success is likely to follow.  Have you thought about where this success can be found, beyond your personal brand?  The following post explains.

Not all successful people are happy. Some successful people are stressed out, miserable, angry, frustrated, depressed and lonely. They are barely able to get up in the morning. They trudge through the day. They might as well be breaking rocks on a chain gang in a 110-degree heat, with no water breaks. Their health is bad, their weight is out of control, their back hurts, their eyes hurt, their teeth hurt – basically their life hurts.

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Where Success is Really Hidden

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Are You Your Last Name?

CollegeRecruiter.comWhat is in a name?  While you may not go as far as what one person does in the following post, remember that change can sometimes be a good thing.

There is a man selling his last name. He’s ready and willing to take whatever last name YOU assign to him, for the right price. The bidding starts at

This isn’t so strange if you know the man, Jason Sadler (or whatever you or any other winning bidder chooses for him to use through 2013). He’s already had three last names, as his mother apparently married, remarried, and remarried again until this year’s divorce.  There might be some other circumstances, but at least a couple of marriages and divorces seem evident.

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Are You Your Last Name?