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Posted May 08, 2014 by

Internship Finder, 5 Ideas that Are Not Always True About a Summer Internship

For an internship finder expecting to find the perfect summer internship, the following post has five ideas that aren’t always true when it comes to landing one of these positions.

If you’re like many college students, you may be deciding how you’ll spend your summer. Maybe you’ll go home and work a summer job. You might even have the opportunity to study abroad. Or, you could be hoping to land that perfect summer internship. If you fall into that last


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Posted October 09, 2013 by

What Does Job Hopping Mean for Entry Level Job Seekers and Recruiters?

When a recruiter or an employer hears the term job hopping, it is likely to receive a negative reaction.  Today, however, the concept may be the new normal.  In the following post, learn what job hopping means for entry level job seekers and recruiters.

Your resume shows you haven’t stayed at any particular job for very long. Does this say to recruiters “unreliable and disloyal”, or “experienced”? This debate has been a hot topic among career experts in the recent months. With Gen Y in the workforce, new trends are showing, and this is certainly one of them. Of

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Posted August 28, 2013 by

Discouraged in Your Search for Recent Graduate Jobs? Get a Pick Me Up from Ashton Kutcher

If it has been a while since you graduated from college and started searching for recent graduate jobs without success, the process might seem discouraging.  However, the following post includes words of wisdom from Ashton Kutcher that can give you a boost.

Ashton Kutcher gets a bad rap sometimes. When you heard he was slated to play Steve Jobs in the new movie about the legendary Apple creator, did you groan a little? Some of us did. After all, some of Kutcher’s most famous roles are playing the airheaded Michael Kelso on

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