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Posted May 06, 2014 by

Planning to Find Full-Time Entry Level Jobs, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs? Tips for Your Job Search

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to find full-time entry level jobs should take a look at these job search tips found in the following post.

There’s a possibility that at some point of time due to circumstances or by choice a freelancer or a business owner plans on going back to full-time work. It’s never easy but then most of the things aren’t. All you have to do is to prepare well and before that research well

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Posted April 17, 2014 by

Interviews for Recent Graduate Jobs Not Resulting in Job Offers? 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Hired

If you feel like your interviews for recent graduate jobs have went well but wonder why you have not been hired, learn four possible reasons why in the following post.

Ever leave an interview knowing you rocked it? You call your best friend, significant other and your mother to tell them how great you did… you celebrate with a $6.00 coffee from Starbucks… and then, nothing. WTH went wrong? Here are four reasons why that last interview didn’t go as well

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Posted April 11, 2014 by

Don’t Have the Experience Required to Get Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 4 Tips to Learn from People Who Were in Your Shoes

If you are feeling down about not having the experience required to get jobs for recent college graduates, the following post has four tips from people who also didn’t have this experience at one time.

An Army combat engineer turned advertising executive. A banking executive turned career counselor. A mother of 12, now a communications writer. An Intel engineer turned comedian. These are not your typical career changes. Here are the inspiring stories and creative strategies these people used to transition into a job they love — without related work experience or education

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Posted February 05, 2014 by

Why You Should Celebrate Your Mom Going Back to School

Smiling mother with school belongings carrying her daughter

Smiling mother with school belongings carrying her daughter. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

If your mother wants to go back to school, she is part of a nationwide trend. Many mothers are returning to the classroom after their children are grown. The National Center for Education Statistics found that women over the age of 40 make up nearly 11 percent of the undergraduate student body at colleges and universities throughout the United States. (more…)

Posted January 21, 2014 by

Would You Hire Yourself for an Entry Level Job?

As an applicant for an entry level job, you’re more likely to see your point of view when it comes to your job search.  However, what if you were a recruiter trying to find the right candidate for a position?  The following post shares how you might view a recruiter’s position.

You feel your resume was perfect (even your mother proofed the newest version). Your cover letter came from a template you found online (you have every confidence it was the best of the bunch). And yet… you don’t get called in for an interview. What could have happened?! To answer this question,

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Posted August 23, 2013 by

Does Welfare Pay More than an Entry Level Job?

I am not sure if this could be true, but the following post suggests that welfare pays more than an entry level job.

America was a classless society. But fundamentally transformed America has three classes: (1) the ruling elite that runs the government/media; (2) the dependency class bred by the elite to keep it in power; and (3) the suckers…


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Consider 4 Ways Entry Level Jobs Could Lead to Dream Jobs

Recent graduates, while your current entry level jobs may not be the most satisfying, they can move you towards your dream jobs.  The following post explains how in four ways.

Picture it: you had an idea for a business. You researched, you scrimped and you saved for your prototype. Your significant other gave it a wink and your grandmother cannot wait to see you on the Forbes list! You get to wake up each day and make your own rules. Your time is your own. Gone are those endless

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4 Ways to Use Your Day Job to Move Toward Your Dream Job

Posted December 03, 2012 by

How to Target Recruiters Scanning Online Professional Profiles

CollegeRecruiter.comFor recruiters to find you online, you need to catch their attention with the right title that accurately represents you.  The following post has questions to help you determine your professional headline when using social media.

Anyone who’s ever crafted newspaper headlines for most of an eight hour shift realizes a lot of mediocre verbiage precedes the stronger, eye-catching ones. The first ideas are rarely the best ones.

This holds true on professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, where individuals write their own headline showcasing their career and their talents. Writers, for example, call themselves a “digital storyteller” or a “writer-producer,” a “prolific writer” or “LinkedIn profile writer.”

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How to Target Recruiters Scanning Online Professional Profiles