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Posted June 06, 2014 by

Is Your Entry Level Job Search Ready for a Test Run?

In order for a potential employer to buy into you as a candidate for an entry level job, you must show them what you have to offer.  Find out how in the following post.

Would you buy a car based only on what the sticker says? On what the salesperson tells you? No, you wouldn’t! While relying on your experience to guide your decision, you would take into consideration every single thing that’s important to you before you made an offer. For recruiters trying to find

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Posted December 05, 2013 by

Determine Your Personal Brand While Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs

Grads, who are you when it comes to your job search?  In other words, what is your personal brand that can help you in your search for recent graduate jobs?  Learn more about defining yourself in the following post.

I’m going to coin a new phrase. Branding is the new black. Okay, well, maybe it’s not that new. But it is true. It’s not just companies that are brands these days, people are brands, too. If you want to be remembered, especially by potential customers or employers, it’s crucial to define what

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Posted December 10, 2012 by

Employee Recognition Programs Generate Strong Business Results

CollegeRecruiter.comAccording to the following post, companies may need to practice positive reinforcement among employees to improve their business results.

Bersin & Associates announced the results of its survey The Employee Recognition Maturity Model: A Roadmap to Strategic Recognition, which indicates that companies with successful employee recognition programs are, on average, 12 times more likely to generate strong business results than companies with weak or non-existent programs.

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Employee Recognition Programs Generate Strong Business Results