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Posted February 08, 2016 by

Job candidates: How to find them

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Organizations often overlook having an open house or another face-to-face meeting as a relatively inexpensive way to hire multiple people for one or more roles. The best candidates do not apply for jobs simply because they’re open to taking new jobs, and they happen to be qualified for jobs recruiters want filled. College students and recent graduates are far more likely to be interested in applying, interviewing, accepting job offers, and staying with a company for years if they understand the organization, the work environment, and the team they’d be working with from the beginning of the process. (more…)

Posted May 05, 2015 by

How to Use Targeted Banner Ad Campaigns for Employer Branding

When you market your company to attract and retain best-in-class talent, you are practicing employer branding.

In this College Recruiter webinar, national account managers Mike Bruggeman and Andrea McEwen-Henderson discuss why targeted banner ads are effective for branding your organization. (more…)

Posted April 13, 2015 by

How Programmatic Ad Buying Turbo Charges Mobile Banner Ads

Think banner advertising is dead? Think again:

  • Now software companies can deliver info about their latest creative software programs to college freshmen at specific graphic design schools.
  • Colleges founded in the 1800’s can now market their online master’s programs to graduating accounting majors.

At College Recruiter we work hard to make marketing goals a reality for our clients. We completed the implementation of programmatic ad buying into our mobile and display banner advertising solutions a year ago. Our embrace of this innovative idea allows us to ensure that you’re able to reach the right student with the right offer at the right time. Put another way, we can target your ideal prospect by overlaying both contextual and consumer demographic information.