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Posted March 10, 2014 by

Do You Have an Image Problem on Your Entry Level Job? 3 Tips to Fix It

If you would like to improve your image on your entry level job, consider three tips to fix it in the following post.

During the first semester of my junior year, I was working on a complex and drawn out group project with three of my classmates, with written portions that had to be completed every day by each group member. At the project’s end, all of these written materials had to be compiled together into one

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Posted March 04, 2014 by

Do Your Resumes for Jobs for Recent College Graduates Look More Like a Mirror or a Window?

When writing your resumes for jobs for recent college graduates, consider whether or not they are a reflection of who you are.  The following post has some steps to make your resumes look more like you.

Is your resume like a pane of glass – where the recruiter looks right past you to see somebody, else? Or instead, does your resume reflect your skills, qualifications and employment potential – like a mirror? Do yourself a huge favor: in just a few minutes follow these 3 steps – to update and position your resume so

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