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Posted March 06, 2014 by

Internship Finder, Here are 10 Things to Keep in Mind During Your Experience

The following post shares 10 things an internship finder should keep in mind during his or her experience as an intern.

I read a few posts recently, with poignant advice, the gist of which covered “Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew In College.” (If I was the author, however, I’d include a good hangover cure! Just sayin’…) The subject got me thinking about questions I get from interns, and some of

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Posted June 25, 2013 by

How Do You Feel About Finding an Entry Level Job with an English Major?

Many college students and recent graduates probably feel uncertain about their chances of finding an entry level job with majors that are in demand.   So, how about those with majors, such as English, where demand may not be the greatest?  Learn more in the following post.

With the economy still sluggish and computer science majors in demand, some college students are rethinking that humanities major they’d hoped to earn, says The Wall Street Journal: Humanities majors at Harvard fell to 20% in 2012 from 36% in 1954. And the trends are similar at colleges across the country. Meanwhile, more incoming freshman are opting out of

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Are English Majors Doomed?

Posted December 10, 2012 by

Employee Recognition Programs Generate Strong Business Results

CollegeRecruiter.comAccording to the following post, companies may need to practice positive reinforcement among employees to improve their business results.

Bersin & Associates announced the results of its survey The Employee Recognition Maturity Model: A Roadmap to Strategic Recognition, which indicates that companies with successful employee recognition programs are, on average, 12 times more likely to generate strong business results than companies with weak or non-existent programs.

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Employee Recognition Programs Generate Strong Business Results

Posted November 30, 2012 by

Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers

CollegeRecruiter.comWith the right preparation, schools can make the lives of students with disabilities a little easier as they transition into college and the workforce.  In the following post, find out what parents say can be done to help with this process, and what is making a difference.

Scott Rich is a prime example of how a student with disabilities can be successful. Rich was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and behavioral problems affected him throughout elementary school. He had difficulty engaging to the point that he was expelled on several occasions, and during middle and high school, he suffered anxiety and time management issues.

Today, life for Rich is an entirely different story. At age 29, Rich has earned his M.A. in Special Education, a B.A. in Geography, and a Minor in Special Education. Rich now works as an outreach advocate and is mentoring students with special needs and autism.


Transitioning Students with Disabilities into College and Careers