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How does programmatic job ad buying benefit talent acquisition and other HR leaders?


Over the past couple of years, those of us who make our living in the job board world have grown from being aware of the existence of programmatic ad buying, to understanding the opportunities and threats it poses. We grew to either be terrified by it or embrace it, or some combination of the two. At College Recruiter, we made the decision early on to embrace programmatic job ad buying because we saw that the opportunity it presented to our employer customers (and therefore us) far outweighed the threat that it posed.

Since 1991, when I founded the organization that became College Recruiter, I’ve often been accused of chasing after every shiny new thing. That’s not fair. I do chase after shiny new things, but not always. And sometimes they chase after me. Also, the accusation can be interpreted as a negative character trait. That’s also not fair because seeing opportunities and risks where others don’t can be valuable. That’s true whether you’re a caveman hunting for food or a talent acquisition or other human resources leader hunting for more efficient and effective ways of attracting the talent that your organization needs–not just to survive but also to thrive.

Case in point: programmatic job ad buying. This was the shiny new thing that proved to be worthy of attention. (more…)

Posted April 24, 2013 by CEO Faith Rothberg M.C.’s Women in Computing Awards for High Schoolers

Faith Rothberg at NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing Ceremony

Faith Rothberg at NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing Ceremony

Last week, Faith Rothberg, CEO of, served as the Master of Ceremonies for an awards ceremony designed to encourage young women to enter the highly rewarding career fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

The National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing awards ceremony was held on April 18, 2013 at the Unisys Corporation data center in Eagan, Minnesota. The ceremony was organized by Advance IT Minnesota, the high-tech talent incubator run by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. There were six winners and five runners-up in the first annual Minnesota Aspirations for Women in Computing award for high school students. Winners from across the state were selected based on their interests, accomplishments, and community involvement in computing and technology, as well as for their aspirations in computing and technology-related fields. Additionally, one Minnesota student was named a winner of the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing award, an honor given to only 35 students in the nation, and another Minnesota student was selected as a runner-up for the national award. Winners and runners-up were chosen from a national applicant pool exceeding 1,800 young women. (more…)

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G.I. Jobs Releases List of 2013 Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers

CollegeRecruiter.comAttention, transitioning military veterans searching for new jobs!  The following post lists some employers who may be interested in hiring you.

G.I. Jobs released its official list of the Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers(MFE) on Thursday, November 8. And the list runs the gamut from CSX,  a major railroad company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, whose trains you may see riding the rails in your town to Hormel,  a major food manufacturer based in Minnesota that supports Fisher House Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project.

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G.I. Jobs Releases List of 2013 Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers

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Parent satisfaction and the college student experience

CollegeRecruiter.comColleges and universities should understand that parents and/or guardians can be influential when it comes to their child’s decision on where to go to school; they also have concerns.  Find out what areas they’re concerned about in the following post.

I am just one year away from my daughter Kylie enrolling in college. She is a senior in high school this year, and her college search is well under way. She knows her top two choices, plus she intends to apply to three other colleges. We did the first round of college visits last summer and spring, which helped to eliminate a couple schools from her list. We are now planning to schedule overnight visits at her top two colleges, to confirm that they are the right fit for her.

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Parent satisfaction and the college student experience

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$300 Cash Contest for Best Short Video on Voter ID Law

Our Vote Our Future logoThe Coalition for Voting MN (CoVM) is seeking videos to educate, move, engage, enrage, and motivate voters to oppose the proposed amendment of Minnesota’s constitution to require voters to present government-issued photo identification to a Minnesota election official.

CoVM is looking for videos that contain a strong emotional appeal and/or fact based messages to counter the overblown/false anxieties about voter fraud. Don’t tell us who may be disenfranchised by Voter ID – show us. Funny is good. Reference to the cost to implement voter ID is good. Information on the integrity of current voting system is good (why fix something that isn’t broken?). Submissions outside of Twin Cities metro are especially sought so send this to your friends who live outstate. (more…)