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Posted May 22, 2014 by

Want to Succeed in Your Search for an Entry Level Job This Summer? How to Make Progress

If you are looking to land an entry level job this summer, learn how you can make progress towards that goal in the following post.

With summer coming fast, it’s very tempting to blow off the job or internship search and spend your day lounging in the sun. Unfortunately, unless you’re planning on landing a swimsuit model job or applying for a lifeguard position, this isn’t an approach with a high rate of success. To help you create a sense of urgency and

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4 More Ways To Future Proof Your HR Career

CollegeRecruiter.comHuman resource professionals who want to manage their careers may value the following post, which offers tips to secure their jobs in the future.

In my recent article: 4 Easy Ways To Future Proof Your HR Career, I outlined how the HR landscape was set to change and that HR professionals needed to, amongst other things, become Career Agile and Technology Fluent as these are and will be two crucial personal differentiators in the HR candidate marketplace.

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4 More Ways To Future Proof Your HR Career