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Posted January 27, 2014 by

10 Careers in Healthcare Management

Female hospital administrator working at a modern medical center

Female hospital administrator working at a modern medical center. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

There are a number of high paying career options in health care management that are non-clinical and do not involve dealing with patients.

1.  One is that of information technologist. You will find information technologists in doctor’s offices and hospitals doing health records electronically. They are trained to manage the information system of healthcare facilities. (more…)

Posted December 17, 2013 by

What Does It Take to Get an Entry Level Job in Medical Sales? 5 Steps to Follow

If you’re interested in getting an entry level job in the area of medical sales, the following post lists five steps to follow.

A career in medical sales is often filled with awesome perks, opportunities for growth, and a prettylucrative paycheckthat rises with experience. You’ve probably seen pop culture references, heard about the flexible lifestyle, and perhaps have friends in the industry. However, while a medical sales career is one of the more rewarding

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