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Medical Assistant Career Overview – What You Need To Know

Boris Dzhingarov 2

Boris Dzhingarov

The medical assistant career is one of the fastest of all the professions when referring to growth. There are various advantages associated with becoming such a professional and although the truth is that this is one career that is quite challenging, requiring you to have a lot of responsibility and dedication, personal and financial satisfactions are really high.

In the modern healthcare industry, the medical assistant is seen as a vital part of the system. He/she will perform a myriad of different tasks that are vital in medical offices and hospitals. You get a chance to help out the community and help out thousands of patients during your life. (more…)

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College Students, Interested in Entry Level Jobs as Medical Assistants? Information About this Career Choice

College students who would like to find entry level jobs as medical assistants can learn more about this potential career choice in the following post.

What will you learn? Through medical assistant training you would acquire many skills that are common to people training to become doctors. For instance drawing blood, collecting fluid samples, checking the vitals of a patient, administering medication, etc. In large hospitals, doctors seldom have the time to interact with each patient as their case loads are usually


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Top 10 Certificate Degrees in America

Do you have no idea which certificate program to choose for your college education?  If not, you may want to consider some options in the following post, which list the top 10 certificate degrees in the United States. (more…)

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Seeking a Career Change but Can’t Get a Degree? 7 Potential Entry Level Jobs that Might Interest You

For whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied with your current job and want to start something new.  If you’re unable to get a degree at the moment, here are seven possible entry level jobs that might interest you in the following post.

Need a career change? Whether you’re a seasoned professional out of a job or a 20-something ready to take your next step, you’ve got to start a new career. Right. Now. You just don’t have the time (or the cash) to start from scratch with a new degree. So, how can you hack the system? Find careers with short training

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7 Careers You Can Switch To Without Earning Another Degree

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20 Most Popular Jobs Searched With Mobile Devices

Young businessman in office searching for a job with mobile device

Young businessman in office searching for a job with mobile device. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Which positions are job seekers looking for while on the go?  Find out in the following post, which list the 20 most popular jobs searched on mobile devices. (more…)

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How to begin a career as a certified medical assistant

Starting a new career in the medical field is a great way to go with your profession. There are many fields of expertise to choose from and it can be overwhelming to get started. You could go the whole way and become a doctor or nurse or you can become a Medical Assistant. This position is in high demand and will always need great, friendly and compassionate people in the position. For those that choose to go into this field, it is a great way to work in the medical field and really make a difference. This person in the office has great responsibility and is the one who truly makes the office run smoothly. How do you get started? Check out these tips and see how you can be on your way to a new future today. (more…)

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5 Things You Should Already Know When Looking for Medical Assisting Programs

Planning your education is an important step in your life. Because of this, there are a few things you need to know before you make the leap. If you are planning to go into a medial assisting program, make sure you know and understand the following: (more…)

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Be a Medical Assistant

Medical assistant on the phone at a desk, with doctor in the background

Medical assistant on the phone at a desk, with doctor in the background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Anyone who wants a secure career in a field that’s rapidly growing could find that a medical assistant degree provides a fast track to a promising career. Besides having a short path to employment, working as a medical assistant provides job satisfaction by helping others and can lay the groundwork for advancement in a career in medicine. (more…)