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Posted August 04, 2014 by

College Student, Want to Maximize Your MBA Program to Help Your Search for Jobs? What You Can Do

While an MBA can help a college student in his or her search for jobs, it is important that he or she gets the most out of the chosen program.  Learn how a college student can maximize a MBA program to prepare them for the future in the following post.

MBA programs are all designed with the same goal in mind — to turn out well educated, ready-to-lead MBAs. But not all MBA students are created equal, as evidenced by that mid-career professional looking to launch into the next phase, the young college grad planning to enter the workforce with that all-important master’s in hand,

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Posted January 10, 2014 by

3 Things to Look For in an Online MBA Program

Ashley Dunlap

Ashley Dunlap

Online college has grown increasingly popular with professional adults, and online MBA programs are the most popular of all. If you’re thinking of earning your master’s degree in business online, you will be faced with a crowded marketplace and a plethora of options, as more and more universities launch programs to compete in this trend. There are several things to look for in an online MBA program which can help you narrow down your choices and decide on the right school for you. When you’re making your checklist, these are the most crucial factors to consider. (more…)

Posted October 03, 2012 by

Social Media Usage Among MBA Programs

MBA programs are taking advantage of social media for a variety of reasons such as student recruitment.  The following infographic explores what forms of social media these programs are using, why they’re using them, and more. (more…)