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Posted November 25, 2014 by

Why Should You Pursue MBA Courses?

Master Of Business Administration Concept text on background

Master Of Business Administration Concept text on background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

MBA or Master of Business Administration has become an integral part of the education system in India. It is an administration program that helps in facing all kinds of hurdles in your career by developing your skill and sharpening your knowledge. For better career opportunities opting for an MBA program is a great option. It will work like a magical wand that will help you to accomplish the desired goals. Today, it has evolved as one of the most coveted educational programs that can help the pursuer carve a better future professionally. Besides providing the necessary opportunities it also accelerates your career growth. In order to pave way for success the need is to choose the right kind of MBA program. (more…)

Posted November 03, 2011 by

Survey Reveals Most Common Portfolio Mistakes Among Interactive, Design, and Marketing Professionals

For employers, it is not just about what a candidate’s work shows on the outside, but the quality that is represented on the inside.

All style and no substance is the number-one critique voiced by executives about creative portfolios, according to a new survey by The Creative Group. 32 percent of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said the biggest misstep creative professionals make when assembling their portfolios is including samples that don’t show value provided to the company. Lack of organization was the second most common blunder, cited by 19 percent of respondents. (more…)