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Posted May 20, 2014 by

Internship Finder, How You Can Find Success in Your New Position

How can an internship finder make his or her experience a success?  Learn more in the following post.

This past Monday night’s #InternPro Twitter chat focused on what an early careerist should do to increase the likelihood of success in their first internship. Naturally, a good deal of the advice during the discussion was to be expected: “Do your research”, “dress for success”, “work hard”, “follow your passion”, “be a sponge”… Yet in reading the

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Posted April 28, 2014 by

Have You Tried Following Up On Recent College Graduate Jobs with No Answer? Try This Idea

If you have applied for recent college graduate jobs but have not heard back from any potential employers, the following post has one idea you should try.

A recent Forbes article offered the same, worn “rules” on what to do if you haven’t heard from the company after an interview. I have a different rule that applies: It’s called the “Promised Time + One Business Day Rule”. And if applied with confidence, gusto, and a wee little


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Posted April 24, 2014 by

How to Choose the Entry Level Job that is Right for You

Just because you might really need an entry level job, that doesn’t mean you should accept just any position.  In the following post, learn how to choose the right job for you.

You want a job… need a job. But landing a bad job with the wrong employer will be a waste of time, bad for your career… and you could find yourself back in the job market too soon…

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Posted March 20, 2014 by

College Grads, 6 Ways to Show Recruiters You’re the Right Candidates for Recent Graduate Jobs

College grads who want to show recruiters they are the right candidates for recent graduate jobs can learn six ways to do so in the following post.

Of course everyone is capable of thinking and remembering. But, what successful job seekers focus on is being easy to hire! They don’t make recruiters have to think.

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Posted March 03, 2014 by

Tips to Make the Most Your Emails When Searching Jobs for Recent College Graduates

Do you think about how you compose your emails when searching jobs for recent college graduates?  If not, you could be hurting your chance of landing an interview.  The following post shares several tips to make the most of your job search emails.

Much of your job search correspondence will take place via email… networking, post-interview thank you emails, emails that accompany your resume, etc. And a single email message can make or break your job search with a specific organization or person. (No second chance). As a young professional, by now you should be

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Posted December 11, 2013 by

5 Reasons Employers Should Hire Veterans for Entry Level Jobs

The following post includes five reasons why employers should hire veterans for entry level jobs.

With a stack of resumes and a list of applicants leaving messages, employers definitely aren’t short on interested individuals, but that doesn’t mean each is a strong applicant. Finding quality talent to fill your open positions is rarely easy. However, there is one demographic that isn’t short on quality: Marines. Not only should veterans use these tips

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Posted October 30, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Want to Build Good Relationships on Your Recent Graduate Jobs? Tips that can Make a Difference

If young professionals decide to build good relationships in their recent graduate jobs, they could benefit later on in their careers.  In the following post, learn some tips that can make a difference in achieving this goal.

What if you could get any job you wanted, be the first person in your company to get promoted and make everyone crave to work with you? Top performers know that if they lost their job on Friday, they could make a few phone calls, send a few emails and have

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