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Posted May 29, 2013 by

4 Keys to Writing a Great Job Posting Ad

Manny Medina, CEO of GroupTalent

Manny Medina, CEO of GroupTalent

Great article in today’s ERE Daily from Manny Medina, CEO of GroupTalent, a platform that developers and designers use to connect with employers based on preferences and availability.

According to Manny, well written job postings are critical to attracting the right talent for your positions yet too often employers rely on job postings which make heavy use of meaningless jargon or descriptions of their organizations, environment, culture, and jobs which could apply to just about any organization. I agree, but what I liked about Manny’s article is that he didn’t stop there and then just tell employers to do a better job of writing their postings. Far too many of these types of articles just do that. Employers are then left with knowing what not to do but not knowing what to do.

Manny’s article indicated that his extensive review of job postings revealed that the best performing job posting ads included four elements: (more…)