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How to measure the quality of new hires

focus on quality of hireOver the past couple of years, we’ve seen a huge shift in thought amongst our Fortune 1,000 company and federal government agency customers regarding how they measure the quality of their new hires. Until a few years ago, talent acquisition in these organizations hardly measured the quality of hire at all and often not at all. Their focus, if they were data-oriented, was on cost-per-hire.
Today, there’s a shift to looking at productivity and that almost always includes longevity as a key component. If someone is only with you for a year or two, it will be hard for them to be as productive over their career with your organization as someone who is with you for five to ten years. The result? More and more large employers are placing greater and greater emphasis on hiring candidates who on paper may not be as sexy as others, but who are more likely to stay for far longer than those who attended fancier schools.
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Looking for Career Advancement from Your Entry Level Job? How to Prove Yourself

Consider your entry level job to be a starting point in your career.  It allows you to apply skills you already have, as well as new ones you learn in a specific field.  Doing a good job could result in a promotion, if you prove to be worthy of one.  Find out how you can do so in the following post.

In the workforce, it’s understood that we all have to start somewhere, the keyword being somewhere and not just anywhere which is why entry-level jobs are a necessity when launching a career. Employers seek those with a…

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Does Education Lead to Longevity?

I am not sure if there is relationship between these two concepts.  Maybe there is a thought that if you obtain more knowledge you will make healthier decisions to help you live longer.  Here is an infographic that provides more insight. (more…)