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Posted August 20, 2013 by

About to Begin Your Entry Level Job? How to Handle Adversity When it Comes

As a recent graduate, you may be excited about starting your new entry level job.  However, don’t be surprised if a little adversity comes your way on the job.  The following post offers advice on handling tough times in your career.

The most efficient, progressive companies are full of innovative, driven employees. Many times, you’ll find yourself part of that solution. But at certain points in your job, you feel drained. You stop enjoying Mondays. Your mood changes. You find yourself less optimistic. You can stare at the computer for hours with nearly zero productivity. You become your

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Posted April 11, 2013 by

Balancing LSAT Studying with your Already Hectic Life

The following post is for aspiring lawyers who are preparing for the LSAT while taking care of other responsibilities.

So first, let me say, “Congrats on deciding to take the LSAT and taking the first step towards your future legal career.” Deciding that you even want to take the LSAT is a huge deal and it shows your true passion for becoming a lawyer. Now that you have made that decision, you must

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Balancing LSAT Studying with your Already Hectic Life