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Posted February 05, 2014 by

College Grads: Look West to Land the Job of Your Dreams

A bridge view from the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean

A bridge view from the West Coast on the Pacific Ocean. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Pack your sunscreen and head west. Arizona, Texas and California lead the nation in job openings. The job markets in these three states began rising in 2013 and continue to have gained momentum into 2014. Companies here need college graduates, like you, with a degree in software development, market management, design or healthcare. (more…)

Posted February 05, 2014 by

Does the Minimum Wage Represent Only Young People with Entry Level Jobs?

One U.S. politician says that the minimum wage is primarily for young people with entry level jobs.  Learn more in the following post.

Entry-level jobs typically indicate positions that, while at the bottom of the totem pole, have potential for growth. Young adults take entry-level jobs at companies hoping to climb the career ladder. And while wages are lower,…


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Posted December 30, 2013 by

Create an Entry Level Job Opportunity Before One Opens Up

If you are having trouble finding an entry level job, learn how to create an opportunity for yourself with the company you wish to work for in the following post.

Just about every job seeker can tell this story: They apply for the perfect job opening. And then they wait. And wait. They never hear from the company. An organization may want to hire, and may post open positions, but that doesn’t mean it’s in a rush to fill them. Job seekers should note a new study by

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Posted December 19, 2013 by

Dreaming of an Entry Level Job as a Small Business Entrepreneur? Some Helpful Advice

If you want an entry level job as a small business entrepreneur, consider some advice from those who’ve been there and done that in the following post.

Small business owners are generally happier than the average worker. They get to choose their own schedules, they’re usually building a business based on their personal interests, and many don’t see profitability as the end-all, be-all success metric. But every small business owner will also tell you that getting a business up and running is hard

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Posted October 09, 2013 by

Graduation in the Future? Look Who Has the Welcome Mat Out for Recent Grads

Round, shiny, metallic symbol with Apply Now and picture in black, white, and silver

Round, shiny, metallic symbol with Apply Now and picture in black, white, and silver. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that 190,000 students graduated with a business degree during the 2010-2011 academic year. The NCES report also revealed that the top two degree fields, business and education, accounted for 51% of the degrees granted during the same period. So, who’s hiring and what sectors are the most promising? (more…)

Posted July 22, 2013 by

Hotel Industry Offers Entry Level Jobs and More

Are you thinking about a career in leisure and hospitality?  In addition to entry level jobs, the hotel industry has much to offer, according to the following post.

Leisure and hospitality added 75,000 jobs in June, 2013. Monthly job growth in this industry has averaged 55,000 thus far in 2013, almost twice the average gain of 30,000 per month in 2012. Within leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places continued to expand, increasing by 52,000 in June. Source: Infographic via The hotel

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Careers in the Hotel Industry [Infographic]