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Posted April 09, 2015 by

The Road to Law School: 4 Ways to Start Your Journey Early

University of Michigan Law School building

University of Michigan Law School building. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Law school is not merely a three-year commitment. Rather, it is the culmination of a years-long journey that begins no later than your first day of college. Here are a few ways to get ahead of the game and set yourself up for success in law school and beyond.

Find Your Academic Niche While Keeping an Eye Toward the Future

When it comes to law school admissions, where you went to school is far less important than what kind of grades you earned while you were in school. Therefore, getting good grades from day one is an absolute must. It all counts, so make sure not to choose a GPA-killing major like engineering or chemistry unless you are absolutely certain you will be able to excel. Know thyself, or you may end up regretting your choice when you make it to the actual application process. (more…)

Posted February 27, 2015 by

Career Paths for Law Students: Where You Can Go

University law school graduate on graduation day

University law school graduate on graduation day. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

No doubt, you labored admirably to acquire your law degree. Having graduated from law school, you may have decided that practicing law is the one and only career option. The good news is that your law degree can be put to good use securing some incredibly, diverse careers that are outside of the law. Given today’s economy and the competition within the legal industry, there’s an entire economy of alternative career opportunities that span a vast array of industries. The skills you’ve developed are marketable. (more…)

Posted March 13, 2012 by

Interview with an Assistant District Attorney

I am one of that rare breed: I work in the field that first fired my imagination. Some little boys want to be astronauts; I wanted to put criminals in jail. Two years ago, I graduated from law school and took a job as a law clerk for a trial court judge. One year after that, I took a position with the District Attorney’s office. Every day I go to work, stand up in front of a judge, and try my best to put criminals in prison.

Most of the work I do is fairly routine. Television fosters the idea that prosecutors spend every waking moment grandstanding for the jury. The reality is much more mundane – jury trials are difficult and time consuming. If every criminal in the United States faced a jury before being sentenced, the justice system would grind to a halt. We sign plea bargains in well over ninety percent of our cases; we do not have enough resources or personnel to do anything else. (more…)

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Hiring Expected More Slowly in Second Quarter of 2012

Job seekers should expect more hiring, as we head into Spring 2012; though at a reduced rate.

Hiring in professional fields is likely to continue rising in the second quarter but at a slower pace than forecast for the first quarter, a new Robert Half survey shows. A net 2 percent of executives interviewed for the Robert Half Professional Employment Report plan to add full-time staff in the second three months of 2012, down from 10 percent last quarter. The biggest trend in the survey is the increase in the number of respondents who anticipate no change in hiring activity: 89 percent versus 78 percent last quarter. (more…)

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Survey: Professional-Level Hiring Expected to Increase in First Quarter of 2012; Executives See Rise in Recruiting Challenges

Employers expect to increase hiring for professional-level positions in the first quarter, but they have concerns about finding qualified candidates for these roles, a new Robert Half survey shows. A net 10 percent of executives interviewed for the Robert Half Professional Employment Report plan to add full-time staff in the first three months of the year, up three points from the fourth-quarter forecast. However, the number of respondents who report recruiting challenges also is on the rise: 67 percent of executives said it is at least somewhat challenging to find skilled employees today, up from 59 percent last quarter and 42 percent in the third quarter.

Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they are at least somewhat confident in their organizations’ ability to grow in the first quarter. (more…)