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Posted March 05, 2014 by

Look Inside You Before Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs

What is most important to you relative to looking for a new job?  Before searching for recent college graduate jobs, job seekers should determine what they want by searching from within.  Learn more in the following post.

Most of us assume the best way to find a job is to look at what’s available in online listings or to follow someone else’s advice. However, these methods often lead to unfulfilling career choices. You only need to look at the latest job satisfaction surveys to recognize how unfulfilled most workers feel. For seven straight years, The Conference Board

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Posted September 25, 2013 by

Interviewing with Prospective Employers for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Ask These Questions to Learn More about Them

If you have the opportunity to ask questions to prospective employers when interviewing for recent college graduate jobs, take advantage so you can learn more about them.  Consider asking the questions found in the following post.

You’ve heard it before. “People join a company but leave their boss.” It may be conventional wisdom, but maybe it’s time to buck the convention. With savvy interviewing skills, you can increase your chances of avoiding that clichd outcome and find a manager with “staying power.” OK, predicting

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Is Being a Graduate Assistant on Your List of Jobs for College Students?

If you are interested in finding jobs for college students, one position you might consider is being a graduate assistant.  Learn more in the following post.

Featured: Featured Our former ambassador, Laura Monroe, is a graduate assistant at the University of Alabama. I wasn’t exactly sure what a graduate assistant did, so I turned to Laura to explain it to us. Here is what Laura shared with me: read more

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