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Posted December 04, 2013 by

Writing Resumes for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Speak the Language of Your Potential Employer

When writing resumes for recent college graduate jobs, it’s important that they speak the language of potential employers in order for them to perceive the value of candidates.  In the following post, learn how to obtain this language for your resume so that employers will want to read it.

According to The Ladders, “Hiring authorities are trained to match your background with their open position.” That means they are looking quickly to see if what’s on your resume matches up to their needs. That means they are looking for signs that you speak the language they do. Today, too many resumes are focused

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Posted April 05, 2013 by

4 Tips for Designing a Resume That Will Get You Hired

While the information on your resume can qualify you for a job, how it is presented is also an important factor for consideration.  In the following post, learn four tips to make your resume more attractive to a potential employer.

You’ve read all the advice for writing a stellar resume and applied all the tips for great content. You’ve spent hours reviewing and perfecting it line by line. Friends have checked and double checked your spelling and grammar. But you’re still not getting callbacks. Is there anything else you can possibly do to improve your


4 Tips for Designing a Resume That Will Get You Hired