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Posted March 24, 2015 by

First Apartment Necessities

Sarah Landrum photo

Sarah Landrum

If you’re just moving in to your first ever apartment or home of your own, you’re probably pretty psyched right now. All of that newfound independence to do what you want when you want it: what could be better than that? If you’re used to your parents picking up the groceries and other house necessities, or if your old college roommates always reminded you when you were getting low on toilet paper, being on your own might come as a bit of a shock.

There’s a lot you’re going to need to take care of on your own, so get organized. Keep one of those notepads on your fridge so you can scribble down when you’re out of eggs. Nobody likes getting back from the store only to realize they’ve forgotten something. And keep a calendar. Seriously. This will keep you on track and remind you to do all of the things on time. (more…)

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Everything You Need to Know to Move Out After Graduating College

Sarah Landrum photo

Sarah Landrum

I’m sure we can all pretty much agree that the freedom and independence of college life is great. Your significant other can stay over whenever you please, you can blast the music as loud as you want, and ordering Chinese food in the middle of the night is totally acceptable. When you’re living with your best friends, there’s no one around to judge you. That’s why moving back in with your parents after graduating from college might seem like a bit of a culture shock, or even a nightmare.

There are ways to move out on your own after college. Whether you’re tired of your parents or are relocating for a new job, we’ll walk you through it. (more…)

Posted March 27, 2014 by

The Various Titles and Roles of a Chef’s Staff

Chefs working in crowded kitchen with narrow aisle

Chefs working in crowded kitchen with narrow aisle. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When you remember Mom’s cooking in the kitchen, you may sit in amazement at how she managed to do everything all at once. Doing everything she did, she always made it come out tasting delicious. But if you think about it, sometimes the timing was really off, since she was trying to do so much at the same time. Thankfully, in a professional restaurant kitchen, there are a lot of people who can do many different things. There is the executive chef and the sous chef, of course. But, then there are many other positions that will allow you to put on your chef pants and show what you can do in the kitchen. (more…)

Posted February 04, 2014 by

7 Things You Can Expect to Share With Your Roommates

Two roommates playing video games, while their roommate is cleaning

Two roommates playing video games, while their roommate is cleaning. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Dorm life is the epitome of community living. You share a bedroom, a bathroom, and quite possibly a lot of other things with a roommate or a group of people. Because college is expensive—most students can expect to graduate with a loan balance of nearly $30,000—it makes sense to share costs whenever possible. Here are seven things you can share with your roommate in order to save money. (more…)